Friday Letters {V.2}

Dear Alex, Thank you for our date last night!! It was good to get out even for that hour or so, but to be honest I am ready for a weekend home to relax and hopefully both of us feeling better by monday. Not to mention there are some things around the house that need to be done. 

Dear Mr. Migraine, I would greatly love if you would leave today. You have been visiting now for two days and I am really starting to get cranky from you. 

Dear Weight Loss, I think we are moving in the right direction. We are not going as fast as I would like but I need to remember that it doesn't happen over night. I pray that we become friends because that honeymoon cruise is 97 days away!!! 

Dear Solar guys, Thank you for FINALLY leaving my house. You were here for 4 days pounding and making too much noise. I sure hope we see a difference. 

Dear California weather, What is up with this freezing cold weather we are having currently? It is much too cold for me and I am not a fan!!! I love fall/winter but this 27 degrees when i wake up and its 9:18am and its still 32 out there is something wrong. 

Dear Friday, I hope I can do my errands, get all the food I need to cook this weekend and make it home in peace to enjoy you tonight!!! 

Dear Bloggers, Thank you for sticking around as the blog is going in a million different directions in the next few weeks as I recap my life from December and try to keep up to date on other things so I don't all behind again.Also, be on the look out for some things changing and will be taking sponsors.  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay safe! 


  1. Happy Friday! Have a Great Weekend :)

    -Ashlee Michelle

  2. lots of pounding and noise is no bueno when you have a migraine! hope it goes away soon!

  3. Agree with you on the Cali weather. 50's during the day??? Way too cold for us. Have a good weekend.

  4. I get migraines and they are the worst thing ever! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Just found your blog because of the title, I love it :) I wrote a post about my husband and I's fairytale. We had some challenges along the road but you always do before you can have your happily ever after! Now following :) would love if you stopped by mine!


  5. Catching up on my fave blogs!!!! Just added you to my sidebar - over at my new wordpress home!!! www.anikalee.com - same domain but different look :)

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!!! And PS...quit whining about your 26 degree weather!!! ;)