What My Life Has Consisted of Part 4

Back at it again.. What my life has consisted of... if you missed part 1, part 2 or part 3 check them out. It will take you back to Eli's 5th birthday, through Christmas & today is all about New Years

But before new years eve, we took a little family dinner to Elephant bar. Seriously, this place has the BEST Mai Tais. 

We did take her to a night out..but I'll save that for a later date! 

Than it was New Years Eve! So what does a big sister do when her little sister is still under age to go to a bar {a fun bar that doesn't cost an arm leg & 3rd child} to celebrate & has a 4 year old.. we bring the party home

Let the pictures do the talking! 

The best friend. me. & Little sister 

Hubby & Me 

The only decent picture of both of us! 

How many people make chocolate covered pretzels on new years eve? 

Can you tell I gained 10 lbs while the sis was in town? 

The best way to celebrate.. The baby (Trigger & champagne!) 
Stole this from the sister blog

All the kids sup missing the hubby! 

That is how we celebrated New years under one roof & when we woke up .. we were all together still!! 

Happy New Years.. 
I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2013 so far.. 


  1. I can feel the warmth and love your fam is giving off! What a great way to start the NY! TOGETHER!

    Don't you just hate when you're together or out and about and you totes forget to take a nice pic of the hubs and yourself?!?! We ALWAYS forget!

    Lovely to say the least :)

    xo, Bev

  2. awe lovely pictures.... looks so fun and your guys look great!