Friday Letters {V.1}

Dear 2013,
I am ready for you. I am ready to embark on all the fun we will have & begin a new chapter of my life!! The married chapter life. I have lots of plans & dreams. Please be good to us this year. 

Dear Grandpa,
Mom called yesterday saying you were in the hospital - she called an hour later saying you were going into surgery & I haven't heard anything back. I pray you are doing well & everything is doing great. Thank you for your decision to move to the United States to give your children & future grand children a better life. You have seen 4 of us graduate college and two of us get married! I love you!! 

Dear Alex,
We have made some goals this year - I hope we stick to them!! I love you. Aren't you proud I have gone THREE whole days WITHOUT shopping? yes. I am super excited!! I promise we will be out of debt and on our way to our cruise soon!!!! 

Dear Cynthia,
My house is so quiet without you. I already miss you. please come back to me SOON!!!! 
I am so excited to see what your future holds with college and I know you will do amazing things. I love you!! 

Dear Weight Loss,
I know I said I was going to start you back in November but I guess that was a lie.. I am so sorry. But now I am being honest with you, today is day #1. I have 104 days until our cruise and I want to be looking all sexy... or as Alex says "as skinny as I was when he met me" -  I will get there!!!  When I do get there, I will need a new swimsuit to show off that might just say wifey!! :) I cant wait to start feeling better about myself. 

Dear Nordstrom,
Please figure out the mess with my Hunter boots. I didn't know it was so hard for you to just mail me some boots. They are even already paid for. If one more person calls me & tells me they are not sure why they have a note to call me, I will scream!!! The guy who processed my order shouldn't of mailed it to the wrong person who I have NO IDEA who she is..  please just send me some boots please.

Dear Hunter Boots,
I am very disappointed you do not make the RED in high gloss in size 6 for me!! I am settling for the graphite gray but I WILL be getting the reds as well as soon as I can find some in my size!! I might go looking at the kids sizes soon since I fit into those!! 

Dear Bloggers,
Thank you for being so patient with me. I promise to be back to blogging next week as I am taking this weekend to clean up the house, deChristmasitize, and get settled into 2013. The end of 2012 was amazing and I loved every minute I spent with the family! I am so excited to recap my year and so much more. I am ready to catch up on my blog roll and meet many new bloggers too this coming year!! 

Happy First Friday of 2013


  1. Hope your Grandpa is doing well! I'm hoping 2013 gets me back into blogging & all caught up on what I've missed! Happy New Year!


  2. sorry about your grandpa! I will be thinking about you and your family!

  3. Sorry to hear about your grandpa. Thoughts are with you.

    Isn't being able to fit into kids shoes great!

  4. Hope your Grampa is doing alright!

    And I need hunters in every color of the rainbow. I only have black. How boring.

  5. Dear Jess, I did not forget about your new design and such. I'm in the middle of another one at the moment and will start on yours immediately! I promise :)

    xo kay

    p.s. can we go on a hike to the potato chip rock soon, like maybe tomo morning if your not busy. I wanna test the waters on my new camera :)

  6. p.s.s. I hope grandpa is doing okay! I don't like when grandparents are sick, it makes me sad :( I love you.

  7. Happy Friday my dear! have a great weekend. xoxo

  8. I'll be praying for your grandpa! :( I love the red Hunters! Such a bummer!


  9. Stopping by the Friday letter link up! I hope your grandpa feels better soon. And yay for weight loss. I am back on the train again myself.

  10. Hope your Grandpa Gets Well Soon.


  11. Love the color of that purple shirt! Also, praying for your Grandpa. I hope he's feeling better soon. And, as with everyone else, I'm right there with ya on the weight loss train!