Friday Letters {V.3}

{sums up my week pretty well}

Dear Alex,
I am glad that you are out of the ER and everything is okay! Now please just listen to your nurse & listen to your wife. I sorta know what I am talking about yet you just do your own thing.. for ONCE in your life just 

Dear Chels,
Sorry I didn't write a little post for you about your birthday as well, but Happy Belated Birthday {yesterday}! I got your present & now just have to mail to you. I love the fact that Presley said "mama" on your birthday!!! I miss you so much. 

Dear Monster Jam,
please be fun. Please. I am begging you please don't let me regret going. I know in the past you have been fun but lately I have no tolerance of rude people and people who think the world revolves around them. 

Dear Weekend,
Please go by slowly, I have a very busy next week and it will only get busier as the months go on! I am so ready for a vacation!! 

Dear Flu,
I am glad you only took me out for about a day n half. I couldn't take it any longer being in bed I was starting to go crazy. Please don't return!! 

Dear Nails,
I can't believe I ripped one off the other day it hurt so bad but I can't get into see my favorite lady until Sunday. Please stop hurting. 

Dear all my beautiful readers,
Thank you so much for all the love & support!! I am so excited to share some yummy recipes and more catching up on my life from the last month. I am hoping by the end of the month i will be all caught up and ready to get back to day to day stuff. Please bare with me as I will be embarking on touching children's lives one child at a time as I start full time as a pre-school teacher!  I hope I can keep up with all this and life! Thank you!!

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Happy weekend babe <333 I'm glad your feeling better after that horrible Flu that is going around. I also hope this weekend goes super slow. & I hope your nail heals. xoxo <333

  2. Yay for pre-school! That's so exciting, I love little munchkins :)

  3. ugh, ripping nails off?? no fun at all

  4. woo great letters! I'm so happy i found your blog through the blog hop:) cant wait to read more! xo

  5. Glad you are feeling better and hope Hubs will be alright....