Weekend update [V.2]

Monday we meet yet again...
Is it me or do Monday's sure come fast? 

My weekend was exactly what was needed.. It involved alot of relaxing and hanging out with the family. 


Mr. Migraine was visiting again so I spent most of my morning in bed trying to get him to go somewhere else. I took the day off. By that afternoon I was up and ready to go. I found some yummy recipes to try for all you lovely people and made my grocery shopping list & hit the stores. {I am trying new recipes that are a bit healthier to help reach the goal to lose weight} Let me just say, I can't wait to share all these yummy foods I have found. If you want to see some, follow me on instagram @j3ss1ca13 - I made a yummy buffalo mac & cheese dish I will be sharing for dinner. Alex is in heaven & claims it is in his top 5 favorite dishes. 


We spent the entire day at home. I couldn't of asked for a better quiet Saturday. I spent the day cooking and cleaning. I took a nap for a few hours which felt amazing. Nothing beats being able to relax at home and enjoy a nice nap. Amen? After nap time I made another yummy dinner and delicious champagne punch and we played some Indiana Jones again on the Wii. We beat map #1 now onto map #2.Not to mention, football was watched!! I am all about the Ravens!!!  

My cat G was all about watching us play Wii too. 

Morning was spent doing laundry and getting the crock pot ready for some lunch!! {Told you I was on a cooking spree} Than I headed to the mall with some girlfriends for a lunch date and finally get my socks for the Hunters!! Now I can wear them if we ever decide to get some rain again in San Diego. I did find a watch I am dying for but because I am on day 14 of no shopping {besides things we need - socks for the hunters were part of Christmas Present} I decided to wait! Yet, I did snap a picture & sent it to the hubby to make sure he knows I want one. He wants matching one too but in Men's! 

Overall I would say my weekend was exactly what I wanted... a Nice relaxing fun home weekend!! 

How was your weekend? 


  1. that watch is gorg!!! but glad to hear you were able to resist!!

    love that your cat watches the wii! who says our fur babies don't like to relax on weekends too?!!

    hope your migrane stays away girlie! happy monday!

  2. love love that watch too! Great weekend by the looks of it dear!:)

  3. After the Blog I Just wrote and the morning melt down I've been having - It was nice reading this and knowing you are on a misson for healthy recipes and clean eating to. I'd love to swap recipes as we find them. I am in total "I need a Wedding Body" mode. I have 460 days to get my wedding body! :)

    -Ashlee Michelle

  4. Hunters and a white watch - just two of my favorite things

  5. Love that watch! Thanks for cheering our Ravens on I think I almost died on Saturday watching that game.

  6. I need to get some Hunters! Happy shopping girl!