How To Make A Motorcycle Diaper Cake

It's Hump Day! It's a perfect day for a how to tutorial.
Not to forget that almost everyone I know is pregnant besides this girl. 

Don't worry I am not drinking the water.. My time will come when it's right but until than I have cruises and my sister's 21st birthday to celebrate. In the mean time, I will love on the babies around me. 

So you get that baby shower invite in the mail and you check out the registry and you think how boring? I can't be the only one whose done this.. So than turn to the ever so loving Pinterest. Than stumble upon this awesome tutorial on how to make this awesome diaper cake. 

This is my version of Diaper Motorcycle Cake (please check out the original blog post as she does an amazing job explaining everything too.)

Things you need to make diaper motorcycle cake

1. 34 Pampers Swaddlers size 1 diapers
2. 8'' cake pan (if you buy one dont take the tags off so you can return it -- unless you wanna keep it to make more cakes) 
3.Rubber bands (3)
4. two receiving blankets 
5. two bibs 
6. one pair of socks or mittens 
7. A baby bottle
8. scissors
9. pins (lots of them) 
10. Stuff animal (about 20 inches big) 
11. decorative ribbon (if you wish)

Place 16 diapers in the cake pan and form them into the above picture. It takes alot of tug and pull and set but eventually you get it. 

Than place a rubber band around this circle of diapers. This is one tire. Now do the next tire just as the one before. 

Make sure to leave a center hole to be able to place things through it.

To hide the rubber band, we put decorative ribbon around the rubber bands

Fold the receiving blanket in half than start to roll it up. Do both blankets at this time. Once rolled up all the way, pin the ends. 

Slide it through one tire hole like below picture 

Place second tire behind it and slide through to connect both tires. Decide which tire you want in the front

Slide other receiving blanket through front tire hole to make the handle bars. Place bids over tires to cover up. Place bottle in middle of handle bars like below. I rubber bands my handle bars together because I didn't find a chain link toy. 

Place mittens or socks on the ends of the handle bars

Attach animal on top to be riding the bike. 

Take to baby shower and show off! 

Sorry for the less detail how to post ever. Check out this diaper cake tutorial. She is very specific. 

You can totally make this to girl or boy and with anything else you want to add. Just remember to warn the person that there are A LOT of pins to be careful. 

What do you think of this idea? Anyone going to a baby shower soon and want to try it? Any questions please ask. 

Have a great Hump Day!! 

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  1. This is super duper cute! I'll have to save this to come back to. Everyone in my town is preggers too. Definitely avoiding the water!