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  Let me first say sorry for not blogging yesterday. I really had every intention of doing so but than the hubby got crazy and woke me up for the gym & by the time I was home, breakfast, shower and random other things it was time to work. 

Now back to my original post.

When did it become half way through August?
I know I am a  few days early on the half way.. but you just wait, it will be here before we know it. 

I love setting goals for myself each month because it allows me to stay accountable and checking what I made. I keep them simple and short. 

Checking back into my July Goals

1. Workout: You can say I have been doing so. During the week I am great but the weekends I fail.

2. Food planning: I did okay in July. On that note though, I am rocking August. I love that it helps keeps my fiances in check too. 

3. Date night: We've watched movies but I think it's time we actually do something fun. 

4. Read and writing: Let's just say a big epic fail. 

August Goals

1. Workout: I want to continue working out 6 times a week. I know this will have a huge affect on my food choices and my body changing. I am also thinking about throwing my scale out (hiding it from myself). 

2. Use my financial binder: We made financial binder to keep track of all my spending. I want to use it for the rest of the year to see where all my money is going. We are in the process of putting an expensive pool in but I want things paid off first before the big payment. 

3. Date nights:  With the hubby leaving in the near near future. I want a few date nights. I even made a bucket list for us before he leaves. I am hoping we have enough time to get it all completed. 

4. Stay focus on work and prioritize: I am huge into multi tasking (facebook, pinterest, instagram, work) but lately I have been trying to stay off all those and focus just on work. I also want to make sure work is a priority for me so that I am less stress later in the month when it comes to closing the month.  

I am keeping it simple and hopefully this will help make them all green for August. 

What are your goals for this month??

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  1. don't apologize for not posting. that's silly. keep up the good eating and workouts! and rock it for the both of us. because i suck. don't let the scale rule you. as long as you feel fit and healthy and your clothes fit, that's what matters!