Happy Monday!

Hey There Monday, August 4th! Say what? 
Something happened & I blinked than the next thing I knew it was August. Anyone else have this happen to them?

I started off August with telling myself, this is IT!! This is my time to shine and so willing I am going to do this. 

Friday: I finally convinced myself to eat the rest of the cottage cheese we had and mixed in some blueberries. I can't say I will try it again but it was doable. Than it was house chores and bootcamp with my trainer in our lululemon store. (Man am I ever not a fan of Lulu Lemon... the girls in there were just rude!!) 

Saturday: My brother was sending me pictures of Indy so I had to take this of Trigger sleeping in my lap.

We ran some errands and than it was nap time. 

Not to forget San Diego FINALLY got some rain. We've been needing it so bad that I don't even care that it's August and we're getting rain. I loved it! 

The best time to sleep! 

Sunday: Sister and I went grocery shopping. Planned our meals for the week. I even managed to descale my Keurig since Sister brought her's out so now we have 2. (actually 3 but only 2 work because her's had to get replaced since it stopped working) 

Over all, it was a great weekend home. Got my planning done for the month of August. 

Side note: Today also starts no dairy, soy, gluten and eggs for 30 days. Any good recipes please send my way as I know I will get sick of eating the same "safe" foods over and over again. I am hoping I will see a difference in my body after this 30 days.

Have a fabulous Monday!  


  1. Looks like you accomplished a lot this weekend! Good luck with your next 30 day soy, gluten, and egg free diet!

  2. Jess, seriously, I literally just forced myself to eat my cottage cheese because it expires next week. I was not happy about it, but I did it. SO FUNNY LOL

  3. I am definitely late but WOW I ever meet anyone else who is not a fan of Lululemon--I hope I got that right lol... How is the 'goal-tracking' coming along? I see you are cutting out dairy, etc. I think cutting out dairy alone would take away 'gut-bloat' for sure. I try not to have a lot of it and have seen better results since I cut it way down. I was eating greek yogurt every day. Now only once in a while, and cottage cheese sometimes. :) Let me know how it goes! I'll try to get more recipes up soon-- what specifically are you looking for? I could definitely direct you to some sites in the meantime :)