100 Day Challenge: Week 1

We have 92 days until vacation! It's going to go by so fast and I really can't wait to spend a week with my sexy husband with no cell phones and just the two of us.

Since I first wrote about my 100 day challenge for myself I thought about how I want to recap it all. I am going to start with weekly updates day by day.

Week: June 24 - June 30

Day 1/100: [Wednesday] I can't believe it was already 100 days until this vacation. I started my C25K app again and I started tracking my macros.

Day 2 /100: [ Thursday]: I am aiming to hit a gallon of water a day. All I drink is water. This is my chug picture for another facebook group I am in where we do stop and chug photos. I also go see my trainer on Monday and Thursdays.

As it warms up around these parts of San Diego, Salads are becoming more and more popular in my house. Lots of green veggies and chicken. I also found this bomb spicy peanut vinaigrette

Day 3/100: [Friday]: I did day 2 of my C25K app. I am loving it so far. My food is going good and at this point in 3 days I had lost 2 lbs just by stop eating crap and watching my intake on food.

Day 4 & 5/100: [Saturday & Sunday]: Saturday I manged to get on the tread climber for 30 minutes before heading off to the fair. I did okay at the fair. I just had a few bites of my sisters pickle, my husband burger and I drank water and some adult beverages. I do try to stick to vodka and club soda. Overall, it wasn't a bad day. I still manged to lose some weight.

Sunday: Hubby and I went to sushi and I am going to have Sundays as my relax day.

Day 6/100 [Monday]: I was back in the gym. Squats for days. I really need to focus on my squats and get a better form and work on my depth. My trainer is on it and hopefully sooner than later I will be there.

Day 7/100 [Tuesday]: I finished off c25k week 1. I am going to try to do all of week 2 this week so I only do the running on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays and keep Saturday for the tread climber and reading.

Overall, I think week 1 went good. I still need to fine tune my marcos and I want to add in more weights besides the two days I am with my trainer.I am thinking of starting Chalean Extreme again, I just have to figure out a schedule that works for me.

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How are ya'll moving? Any tips for me?


  1. I am recapping my 100 days on Sundays! This sunday will be the first post!!

  2. Sounds like you are doing great! Good luck!

  3. This is awesome and also very motivating! I've been wanting to try the C25K!

  4. This is so motivating! Thanks for the inspiration to get my own butt moving haha :) that salad looks awesome, too!