Weekend Recap: Ted 2 // 4th of July

Hello Tuesday. I can't believe you're already here again. It seems as my weeks are flying by and we are officially in the last half of 2015! freakyyyyy.. 

Did anyone notice I got a new blog design? Thanks to the amazing Kailyn she always has the best magic touch. I am not a HUGE fan of the picture since it was BEFORE I started lifting weights but I'll change it when we do new family pictures this year.  

Back to my weekend, it was amazing having the hubby home for 4 days. 

Thursday night we got a date night in. We went to see Ted 2. It was as good as the first one as usual but it had some funny parts. 

Friday: we hung out at home. Hubby went to workout for a bit while I finished up some work. Than I went out to dinner with my little sister and her aunt. 

Saturday: I was up early so I could get my c25k in.  

Than we all got ready and headed off to my aunts for some swimming and drinks for a bit. 

We came home around 3pm and watched Fire and Planes. Took a nap and stayed home. We watched the Big Bang Boom on Tv. 

I also manged to frame my diploma from when I graduated college back in 2011. It only took me 3 n half years to do it. 

Sunday was back to our usual grocery shopping and meal prepping. We are 87 days away until our trip. It's getting serious around these parts 

How was your weekend?


  1. I just started on Week 5 of my C25k app and OMG I don't think I am ready to advance just yet!

  2. you and your hubby are too cute.
    My weekend was fun filled.

  3. Looks like you had a great time! My weekend was great, but super busy. I cannot wait for this coming weekend so I can rest for a bit.

  4. It sounds like a nice weekend. It's good when a couple can spend quality time just having fun together!

  5. Looks like a fun weekend! Were those ingredients for some thai shrimp dish? YUM.

  6. It looks like yall had fun. Yep, diploma still not framed. Its been 2 years lol

  7. Sounds like your weekend was busy and fun! Your dog is beautiful BTW! My weekend was filled with BBQs and swimming. I really like your new blog design. It is very clean looking!

  8. We need to get on our meal planning too! Your trip is coming up so fast!