100 Day Challenge: Week 2

The countdown is still on to vacation time. We have 86 days until I am spending a wonderful week just my hubby and I with no cell phone and no interruptions. How could I say no to that? 

I can't believe how fast this 100 day challenge is going. I am starting week 3 today and you can find week 1 recap here . Let's take a look back at week 2. This was a rough week. 

Day 8/100 [Wednesday]: I did my c25k and walked with my friend on the trail by my house. It's 5 miles total but we only did one half of it due to an accident and Cali girl was extra thirsty. 

Day 9/100 [Thursday]: It was upper body day in the gym. I am not sure what I like more upper or lower body. Either way it's a very much love/hate relationship. I also apparently suck at picture taking.. I promise to try to get better. I also went out to dinner and the movies. oops 

Day 10/100 [Friday]: I didn't make it to do my c25k because we had errands to run first thing in the morning and the hubby had the start of his 4 day weekend. This was the beginning of a very rough weekend. 

Day 11/100 [Saturday 4th of July]: I did mange to get on the treadmill to do c25k. I am on week 2 day 2. Than it was off to my aunts to indulge in good food and good company. I wasn't horrible but it wasn't 100 day challenge friendly. 

Day 12/100 [Sunday]: Back to the grind. We went grocery shopping and I picked up shrimp and scallops and some extra yummy veggies. Also my favorite peanut butter. I also set my week goals that included drinking a gallon of water a day.   

Day 13/100 [ Monday]: Hubby had the day off again from work so he was able to join me in the gym. My week started off amazing and I stayed within my calories and eating clean. I even meal prepped my ground turkey and broccoli for the week. 

Day 14/100 [Tuesday]: I woke up extremely tired so I didn't make it to the c25k right in the morning but I did mange to do it in the evening. I mean it's 31 minutes this week. I just need to bust through it and get it done right? 

If only we could eat Ben & Jerry's and make it fit in my macros, sadly it does not so I can't even have it in the house because I will be face first in a pint until it's gone. 

I also took the leap of faith and became an advocare distributor for the discounts since I love spark so much, but I am going to be starting the 24 day challenge starting on the 15th of July. Anyone interested in doing it with me and a few friends? Anyone on it? Any advice for it? 

Here's to week 3 of this challenge. I am hoping to start seeing some changes and finish strong with the c25k!! 

Happy Hump Day! 


  1. Good for you for getting fit!! You're making me wanna get back in the gym haha

  2. That's impressive!!! 100 days in a row is quite a challenge but sounds like you're rocking it!

  3. Wow! Looks like you're on track! Keep it up! :D

  4. Love this! I have read that it takes 21 days to make something a habit, so this challenge should be life-changing!

  5. 100 days is a big commitment! Good for you! I'm impressed.

  6. You are doing awesome! =) I keep telling myself I want to train for a 5k, but I'm still trying to find time, haha.

  7. Great job! I'm inspired to now do my own challenge. Keep up the good work :-)

  8. Omg good for you! I so need to get back on track with my fitness! I've been slacking the last few weeks

  9. Wow you go! I started running yesterday in hopes of getting fit soon!

  10. You are doing awesome! You will be super fit by day 100

  11. Woohoo! Go you!!! Love following along on your journey!