Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List 

1. Go to at least one Framers Market 

2. Go to the movies at the regular theater at least once and once at the cinepolis with the Hubby 

3. Take the dogs to the beach 

4. Get a nice tan 

5. Keep working out for my 100 days

6. Go out with friends 

7. Take my sister to the bars 

8. Enjoy a day at the fair 

9. Go through my closet 

10. Sell my purses 

11. Swim alot 

12. Go on dates with the hubby 

13. Finish Reading Taya Kyle's Book 

14. Enjoy Summer 

What is on your summer bucket list?


Littlest A said...

Such a great Summer Bucket List!

My summer bucket list includes a bunch of the same. Like the farmers market and taking my dog to the beach

What is your 100 days?


Ashley S said...

Sounds like an awesome summer bucket list. I have mine in the making, but I have a few of the same plans...farmers markets are the best. My mom and and I stop each Sunday when we get back from church to see what they have. I just love tasting the home grown berries and vegies.

Miss Angie said...

Those are all perfect summer goals!

Chardae said...

The Farmer's Market is always a summer fave! Enjoy!

Jasmine said...

awesome bucket list. I need to work on my tan as well lol I love being tan in the summer. I have yet to go to a farmer market but I want to next weekend Hopefully.

Megan Harney said...

These are fabulous! I love summer bucket lists. Splash pads and snow cones always make the top of my list!

Hall Around Texas said...

I adore that photo up top! What a fun Summer list. I love visiting the Farmers Market. Ours here is on our downtown square and it’s just a neat atmosphere. What is the cinepolis? Sounds interesting! And how is Taya Kyle’s book so far? I’m thinking about reading that one!

Hilary said...

We went to a farmer's market in NYC, which was awesome, but at the same time, we couldn't really take anything home, which was a bummer. But I did end up getting some raw honey to use in my coffee. We have a farmer's market here and they have THE BEST strawberries. My mom spoils Beckett with them (they're $10 a pound), and then I buy him the "crappy" ones from the grocery store, lol.

Kristen Sampson said...

Great idea! Definitely inspired me to create one of my own! How exciting, hope you get to do them all!

Brandi Hayden said...

Great bucket list! I love the one that says sell my purses. Too funny. I should make a list for myeslf.

Chantal Bernard said...

I need to make a summer bucket list! Summer always flys by so fast, if I don't make one then I will definitely miss out on some things I want to do!Thanks for sharing your list with us!

Jenny Farmer said...

My goal this summer is to teach the kids to swim.