June Goals

I know I am a bit late on the goals thingy but no worries. Better late than never right? 

Let's check back on my May goals first

+give up dr. pepper & drink more water : I I did awesome at this. I think I am ok with not having it anymore. To the point now that when I have it I get a serious panic attack..eek so I guess it's for the best to stop trying. 

+workout 2x a week // not including my trainer BIG FAT FAIL! I did it like the first week than it was a hit or miss. Since I got sick in the middle of the month I didn't have much motivation for much. 

+clean the great room // dinning room I cleaned the great room (I just need to go through my sweatshirts and get rid of old dresses) and gotta tackle that dining room.

+eat healthier + eat more green veggies // stop eating out - I think this was a positive. We def ate at home more often than not. So considering this a win. 

+watch my spending - no more michael kors shopping sprees (save for Vegas & Mexico) -- I can say I didn't buy anything else after I wrote my goals so that is a plus. 

+grow my blog & think of ways to improve it. (input is always welcomed- I think it's growing and coming together nicely. Now I am just thinking of a new layout and such :) 

I think over all, May was a good month for me. Than again I know I picked goals that were attainable for me because I have failed so many other times.

June Goals:

+Watch the spending and try to pay off some debt ( I think this will be a goal each month until I have mexico paid for before we leave) 

+Go on a date(s) with the hubby 

+Clean the dining room 

+Catch up on work at home 

+Use twitter more often 

+Take my sister to a bar (Now that she'll be 21 on the 14th) 

+Eat healthier = no more ice cream trips 


  1. Great job on your May goals! I did terrible this month, but that's why we get to start fresh! You can do it again this month! Get it girl!

  2. I need to join in on limiting the ice cream trips! It's just so fun this time of year!

  3. I love reading goals! I had my exercise goal knocked out by being sick too. Something about not feeling well will send that goal straight to the ground. I love the saving goal. I really need to get back on top of saving too. Next month come link up with me on the first Thursday of the month! It's a link up full of goals.

  4. You did well in May! Good luck with your goals this month and happy birthday to your sister!

  5. I failed at working out also. But hey-you gave up the Doctor Pepper and that is awesome! You should link up with us for our Monthly Goals linky~!

  6. Nice job on May. You're well ahead of me for June...I haven't even set my goals yet. In general, I'm trying to eat healthier and workout, and so far, so good.

  7. I need to watch my spendings as well but sometimes its hard. (Temptation lol). I can't believe your sister will be 21!!! That's exciting. Twitter is my jam along with Instagram. lol

    I can't wait to see what design you come up with.

  8. Good for you, sharing your goals, writing them down and sharing how you did with them. I think you've done marvelously well to accomplish as much as you did!

  9. I too have Twitter on my goals for this month. I'm so terrible at using it! Giving up on ice cream trips seems like a very depressing goal, though. Ice cream trips are what I look forward to the most during summer!

  10. I have to admit, being from Texas, I have a Dr. Pepper addiction. I am beyond blessed that if I want a Dr. Pepper here in Japan I have to go out of my way to get one. So I know how real your struggle is. Because, nothing on this Earth compares to a Dr. Pepper from Sonic. Nothing.