Happy Birthday Baby Sister

I know you HATE this picture but we don't take new family pictures until later this year so you gotta live with it. That's the best part of being the older! 

Dear Cy, 

Happy Birthday Baby Sister!! 
Yesterday you made your mark on the world. 
You are officially 21 years old. I can't believe we can now go out to dinner and we will have to play paper, rock,scissors to see whose driving home.
I guess I could always just pull the I'm older than you, so I win card but I think the games way more fun.Plus, I think I owe you a few times since you have been driving me home safely for over a year.
Not to mention, you can actually order a beer with me and you can buy your drinks. #winning

I hope you had an amazing weekend in Vegas and it was everything and more you could ever want in a birthday weekend. I am not sure what you really want to be honest.
This is just the beginning of what the world has to offer so please take it slow and stop and enjoy the flowers. Enjoy long nights with family and friends drinking cold beer & telling stories and sleeping in just a bit to nurse a hang over. 
Always say sorry to your liver though from what you did the night before and remember that spirit from fountain, a rodeo cheeseburger from burger king with tater tots from sonic is the best cure to all hangovers.

All jokes aside, I am so excited to watch you to continue to grow into a beautiful young woman that you are. 
I know you will do amazing things with your life and the future is yours to explore. 
I love you baby sister always! 
I can't wait to celebrate your next milestones with you.

Happy 21st Birthday Baby Girl!! 



  1. Yay! Happy Borthday Cynthia!!!

  2. Happy birthday to your sister!
    21 is a big year!

  3. Aw, 21! I definitely miss that age! Happy happy birthday to your beautiful sister! I hope it's filled with so much love and magic! <3 :)

  4. Aww. Watching our little sisters grow up is amazing in itself!! Happy Birthday to your little sister!

  5. Happy birthday to your sister! My sister & SIL just turned 21 this year and even though they aren't much into drinking it was fun to watch them order their very first from a restaurant and proudly hand over their ID's! Happy Monday!

  6. I love that you wrote a letter. Happy Birthday to your sister.

  7. Why does she hate that photo! She looks great. Happy birthday to her :)

  8. Happy Birthday to your sister! A great letter to her for her 21st birthday.

  9. Happy birthday to your sister! She looks beautiful in these pictures. Soon my sister is turning 20 and I am planning a surprise party for her. She loves to party. Looking for some private parties Los Angeles in our budget.