Never To Late For A Weekend Recap

What a busy weekend I had in prep for getting ready for Vegas this weekend. I can't believe Vegas is already here, I swear I was just planning it all out.

Friday: I was working and decided hubby and I need to go on another vacation. I miss this tan and the fun together. Not to mention he might be leaving for 6 months too sometime next year so it's much needed even more. Cancun here we come!  

Saturday: The sister finally took the leap of faith and chopped her hair and added some purple to it. 4 hours later it was done, let's just say NEVER again will I go sit with her while getting her hair done. 

The good news of being there, they offer up a pacifico. I just couldn't say no! 

Sunday: It was a day of getting nails done, massages and running to the store to get all the stuff we needed. Than it was home to get ready for the busy week. 

Just for fun because I missed yesterday.. Monday  I had one of my last days at the preschool. It's looking like I will be off all summer which will be amazing. Than I was off to my gym where we got our tanks to support the gym.If you are in San Diego area and looking for a gym, come check out Smash! Or if you are looking for online training, check out Arkittyy - she is super sweet and awesome. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Your hair looks great and good job hitting the gym. If you could, check out my blog. It's just starting up so it's nothing special but I would love some followers and blogging support!


  2. Loved how her hair turned out. Four hours though!! lol damn. My sis did a fuck up once when she tried to bleach her hair she had to go to the salon and they worked on her hair for 6 hours because of how bad she screwed up lol I'm pretty sure she learned her lesson.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the purple in her hair! Also you guys look so fit!

  4. Don't you just love getting your hair done? Its so..relaxing! Iol

  5. Yeah! for vacations. I love them even if they are mini vacations. I have been planning out our first anniversary this month and I'm looking forward to next month.

  6. Love the hair... but four hours!?

  7. Love the hair cut! looks amazing!