Friday Letters #1

Welcome to Friday Letters link up with Wifesticated and The Felicity Jar

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My letters: 

Dear Friday, Thank you for showing up. I am extremely busy today but I am hoping I have time to relax. Whatever this back pain is & goes away. 

Dear Ashley, So excited to be guest posting on your blog today. I share my adventure to St. Marteen 

Dear Vegas, You are 7 days away. EEK i can't believe how fast you got here. I really need to get all my stuff done before we leave next weekend, let's hope I can do it. 

Dear Hubby, I love you. Thank you for understand how I don't feel well and taking good care of me. I hope you have a great Friday & even better weekend since I know you'll read this. 

Dear Work, now that the printer is back I guess I actually gotta do some of you. I just need the fax machine back to working again. 

Dear Readers, Thank you for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments this week. Remember you can link up your post too and I am offering free sponsoring on the blog. 

Hope ya'll have a great weekened!! 


  1. Wonderful idea. Definitely going to add this to my gratitude journal. Thanks!

  2. Enjoy your Vegas trip! That is going to be a blast!

  3. TGIF! My back kills too...I finally broke down and went to the orthopedic surgeon this morning and got an epidural block (OMG - it better work). For lack of TMI, I am a bit sore ;)

    I'm excited for you to go to Vegas! Stop by Bouchon in the Venetian for some macarons YUMMMM!!!!