Friday Letters

Dear Printer, Please start working so I can finish my work. Ever since we replaced you, you haven't worked once correctly and it's really starting to get annoying. 

Dear Hubby, I am so excited you are home now. I hope we can hang out this weekend like we planned last weekend. The fair date will be fun and Sunday will be good for us to get set for our week. We have 98 days until Mexico, it's not like I am counting. I love you more. 

Dear 100 days, Let's do this! So far I am surviving. I just need to get the moving down but I am so excited to see where I will be in 100 days. I am hoping I am close to my goal. I am thinking of starting 30 day shred or chalean extreme again. any ideas on what I should start?

Dear Food, Why do you taste so good? I want to eat you all! 

Dear Treadmill, We met again and secretly I enjoyed you. I am hoping to officially finish the C25K app. 

Dear Work, I am so excited I am not at the preschool anymore. (I hope I don't have to go back in August) Hopefully this will help me catch up on you and do some extra work I have been wanting to get done. 

Dear Readers, Thank you for the sweet comments this week. I hope ya'll have a great last weekend of June. 

Enjoy your weekend


  1. Great letters, hope you have fun at the fair! Happy Friday!

  2. Printer probs… #thestruggle ha! I work from home and have been out of printer ink for several weeks. My boss bought me a cartridge pack, but I hadn’t seen her to get it from her. Finally yesterday I saw her and got the ink! I may use it all in one day with the insane amount of things I need to print. Ha. Yay for a weekend with the hubby!

  3. OMG I love this! I may do it in my journal each week!
    Cynthia @ craftoflaughter.com

  4. Seriously, printers are the worst. I think they're only purpose in life is to annoy and drain money. Why is ink so expensive?! Mexico sounds amazing and makes me really jealous. I bet you could get some peach margaritas there!

  5. How fun! Our WiFi has been out at work this week, so our wireless printer has been a no-go. Ugh! So annoying. So glad you and your hubs will have a fun weekend together, and Mexico in 98 days?! Jealous. We will be there in October (a cruise)!

  6. I love your countdown! I just got the 30 day shred DVD from the library, and I am going to do it later tonight. I'm sending motivation thru the computer for you... ;)

  7. LOL the printer. As much as I love technology it annoys me so much sometimes!! And I agree about food... why does it have to taste so good?!

  8. Hope your printer is working! :) And I think I want to try the C25K this summer! It's just a matter of actually starting! Have a great week!