May Goals

Wow! We're almost half way through May already. 
Where does the time go?

Last month, I set some goals that I thought would be attainable. Let's see what I accomplished in April. 

+Drink 80oz of water a day: I think I did really well with this. I drink lots of water. I kicked the dr. pepper habit for the most part until recently. 

+Save money & pay off some more debt : I saved my part for reaching $5,000 by end of the year but that was it. As far as pay off some debt, I paid some off but I think I racked some up. oopps 

+Workout 4x a week (anything at this point & 2 days is already covered by my trainer) : Epic fail! I only worked out really with my trainer. 

+Menu plan for the entire month: Epic fail! We've only used our menu board once. I need to get one it again.  

+Start & Complete the 10 day cleanse by advocare: I did it. I didn't stick to the strict food plan but I did lose some weight. I might try it again sooner than later. I did fall in love with spark though. 

+Start & Read 1 book (preferably "It starts with food): I tried to read " It starts with food" but I just wasn't interested. 

+Get a fitbit & use it daily! I love my garmin but I need a Heart rate monitor : LOVE MY FITBIT!! 

+Keep up with cleaning the house // Deep clean 2 rooms : Epic fail. I just stopped cleaning all together. Oopps 

Since I really didn't stick to my April goals. I am going to work harder these last few weeks of May to reach some goals 

May goals:

+give up dr. pepper & drink more water 

+workout 2x a week // not including my trainer 

+clean the great room // dinning room 

+eat healthier + eat more green veggies // stop eating out 

+watch my spending - no more michael kors shopping sprees (save for Vegas & Mexico)

+grow my blog & think of ways to improve it. (input is always welcomed) 

What goals do you have for May?


  1. Is it even possible to drink 80oz of water? Lol I feel like I would be going to the bathroom A LOT!!!

  2. How are we already half way into the month!? I'm totally working on saving my money & paying off my credit card debt. I swear, it's one of the hardest things to do right now. :(

  3. I want a fitbit so bad! These are really great goals! I'm looking forward to getting back into a workout routine in a couple more weeks!

  4. Great goals! I'm trying to be healtier/work out more/drink more water as well. I also have some cleaning/organizing of my house & blogging goals, so sounds like we're somewhat similar in what we're working towards :). Good luck on your goals!!
    Vicky @ randomlittlefaves.com

  5. I am trying to save more too, but then we invited all our family over for MOther's day brunch! oops. Two of my friends did that advocare cleanse and it seemed brutal!

  6. I'm still debating about getting a fit bit!

  7. I am trying to give up Dr. Pepper as well - good luck!

  8. Those Michael Kors shopping sprees though...:(

  9. I gave up diet soda in January and just recently started drinking it again. I am so mad at myself! I’m okay with one here and there, but it’s been affecting how much water I drink. Time to kick that habit again! Best of luck with all of your goals!

  10. I love the honesty! lol epic fail xoxo You are doing a great job and should be proud of all the goals you ARE meeting... so awesome! xoxo

  11. Awesome goals! I am the same way! Getting healthy, more in shape, drinking lots of water, using fit bit and paying off debt! You go! http://asthespeeritmovesyou.com

  12. That's a great list... Workouts are on my list too.. Good luck with your goals.
    —DT | Here I Scribble

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