The Beating Heard Around The World

I wasn't going to write about the Baltimore situation because we are all entitled to our own opinion. I also didn't want to be that "blogger", I know you know what I mean. With that said, here I am writing about that situation.

As I was sitting at my computer on Friday doing work, I ran across an article stating that Child Protective Services (CPS) will launch a case against the Mother, Toya Graham, who is now known as "Mother of the Year" for "beating" her son who was participating in the riots. If you haven't seen the video,please watch.  What's my problem with this?

I have lots of problems with this

She truly wasn't "beating" her son. She was smacking her son on the head to make her point known that this was not okay for him. I firmly believe she did no harm to this child.  

The son is 16 years old! Do you really think his mom is sitting at home each day beating him or any of his sisters? If that was the case, I highly doubt he would of been on the streets to begin with in the riots. It was just by luck that this mom was in the same place as her son. Also, he knew it was wrong which was why he was trying to hide under a mask.

If you watch the interview with Toya, she said she has 6 kids. This is her ONLY son and she is a single mother. She is trying to teach her kids to work hard and respect the law. She was truly embarrassed that her son would react like this because he wanted to be apart of the "in" crowd.  

CPS really needs to take a step back out of parenting and worry more about the mom's/parents on welfare/ financial aid doing drugs/selling drugs/drinking excessively with their kids around or doing other harmful things. CPS needs to worry about the kids who are going hungry for days, missing school, have no clean clothes, or no shoes and or other worries that truly put the kids in harm.   

I couldn't of said it better Mr. Anthony Batts:
Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts brought it up in an overnight news conference. Batts told reporters: “And if you saw in one scene, you had a mother who grabbed their child who had a hood on his head and she started smacking him on the head because she was so embarrassed. I wish I had more parents who took charge of their kids tonight. I think these were youth coming out of the high school and they thought it was cute to throw cinder blocks at the police department and address it that way.”

If this world would let parents be parents than maybe this generation of kids wouldn't be so horrible.  Is it me or are they just acting nuts? Maybe we all could go out to dinner one night and not have to listen to a 5 year old scream at his mother because it wasn't the restaurant he wanted or he didn't get exactly what he ordered. It's true, I have heard it before.  

We wouldn't have the teachers going crazy and more high school graduates would want to become teachers, but I don't blame them. Who wants to deal with a mess of children when the parents are of no help because they are scared CPS will show up and decide to file charges? Did you know that most CPS cases are filed through a teacher? 

I can remember vividly getting spanked as a kid for doing things my parents told me not to do. By no means did my parents "beat" me. My parents also never threatened me with something their wouldn't follow through with if I did do it. I didn't die, I didn't break any bones, I probably deserved it. I grew up though and couldn't be more thankful to my parents for teaching me respect and manners.  

In the end, CPS needs to take a step back and let parents parent their children.

What are your thoughts on this? Should CPS file charges against Toya or has CPS gone too far?  


  1. Thank You So very much for being brave enough to put your voice out there! These types of discussions should be had. If we don't then CPS will do whatever they want, whenever they want. I agree with you that CPS should take a step back. On the other hand, I also know that, the only info I truly know is coming from a media perspective. Maybe there was more that went on? Without physically being there ourselves, we will never truly know. I very much appreciate your post! Thank You :)

  2. Too far, people are being a bit sensitive. I saw the video and by no means is she hurting her son. Yeah a few light smacks to the head but nothing that he would need to go to a hospital for. I think she did the right thing in getting out there and getting her son to come home.

  3. The fact that she's being charged with this is a bit ridiculous.

  4. I totally agree with you! And I love what you said, "let parents be parents"! So many parents are completely oblivious or just don't care about what their kids are up to, and here you have a parent who cares and is taking action, and she's being punished for it! If I were her son I would be embarrassed for charges to be brought against my mom for smacking me for acting like a fool.

  5. Seriously, let the woman discipline her son in peace.

  6. The world we live in is crazy. It's like you can't do anything right. I think there's a fine line between beating your child, enough to have CPS step in, and punishing your child. Everyone parents differently, and while I would choose not to smack my child, some people do and I don't think this type of smack would be abuse. At least she stopped her son from taking part in the protests.

  7. Wow! I did not realize she was being charged with anything. While I think she could have handled herself differently. I do not think she beat him. She popped him upside the head a couple of times and that is about it. That was far from a beating. You cannot even call that a spanking. So when nuns pull kids by the ear, pop them with long spoons is that now considered a beating. Oh well. I hope some savvy lawyer takes her case pro bono. I am against BEATING kids, but she did not beat anyone.

  8. This is a free world and you should never feel that you cannot express your opinion - kudos!! I agree - let parents be parents

  9. I think she's mom of the year too! She stepped up and took a stance. I'd probably flip too if I saw my son out doing that!