20 Ways To Say I Love You

1. Write a love note on the mirror in your bathroom 

2. Dance in the kitchen while making dinner 

3. Always go for the kiss as soon as you both are home together

4. Send a quick text message as soon as you get to work

5. Make their favorite dinner 

6. Make heart shaped food such as cookies or pizza 

7. Hold hands while watching tv

8. Make out randomly when you pass each other

9. Hug randomly 

10. DIY a picture frame that says I love you because... and write on it 

11. Be a best friend

12. Write a love note in their lunch box 

13. Get them a simple gift 

14. Let him/her pick the TV show to watch 

15. Randomly text them just to say I love you

16. Think of a special moment you two shared and try to recreate it 

17. Call for no reason other than to say hi and I love you 

18. Tell him/her that you missed them throughout the day 

19. Laugh together

20. Lastly, just say I love you whenever you get the chance. 

How do you say to your other half I love you?


  1. I really should let him pick the TV shows more often :/

  2. Love this! Great ideas. 2 weeks ago I started '7 days of notes'. I left my husband a note a day on his car before work. Each day was a different color. At the end of the week he had a bunch of colorful love notes! He loved it! He even left me a few back ;)

  3. I'm going to show my husband this in hopes that he'll let me pick the show tonight;) Great list!


  4. I love the point to always go for a kiss a soon as you're both home. My husband gets home hours after I do so I'm usually cooking dinner when he walks in, then he's dropping stuff off and saying hi to the dog, then we're sitting down to dinner. It's so much nicer if we take a moment when we're both home and say hi meaningfully. Thanks for this list!