Easy Breakfast Egg Muffins

If you should know anything about me, it's that I am not a morning person at all. My husband on the other hand, he is one alarm at 4am and he can jump out of bed. Me, I have to set like 3 alarms, snooze at least 5 times and than maybe I will think about rolling out of bed. 

Now this doesn't work if I need to be at work at 7am which means I have to leave the house by 630. Also, I need to get my workout in on these days so 4am wake up call it was. 

After failing to wake up at 4am to workout, than make breakfast, shower, get ready and leave by 630 for work I had to rethink some things in the morning.

Insert, breakfast muffins.   

I make them on Sundays and they last all week for me to just pop in the mircowave on the way out the door or when I get to work. 

What you need:

-double muffin tins  
-egg whites
-bacon // I used the jalapeno bacon from Costco
-whatever veggies you want// I use green onion
-you can add lots of other things in here such as cheese, pepper, mushrooms, basically anything you would add to any of your eggs 

Since I am macros counting everything is weight out separately for each muffin. 

1. Cook bacon first as you normally would.
2. After cooking bacon, mix 1 whole egg with 100g of egg whites 
3. Cut up 1 slice of bacon 
4. 10grams of green onions 
5. Pour mixture into one cup of the muffin pan 
6. repeat until all muffins are filled 

Cooking directions:

-Preheat oven to 400
-spray muffin pan so the egg mixture doesn't stick 
-Bake egg mixture for about 35 minutes or until golden 
-let them completely cool 
-When ready to eat just pop in mircowave until warm (about 30 seconds) and eat with your favorite hot sauce if you want. 

Enjoy your breakfast muffins! 


  1. I love making breakfast muffins!

  2. Ive done this before and I love it.

  3. Love these type of egg muffins! We always make them around Christmas time and I freeze them up for later too!

  4. MMMM These look amazing! I must make!

  5. These are awesome! My toddler would love these!