Friday Letters

Dear Weekend, as I always say, thank you for showing up. I am probably more thankful than normal as this week was very rough. I am excited to clean the house, do some laundry and spend time with the hubby. 

Dear Sickness, Please go away for good. Ever since Tuesday night/Wednesday morning when you hit me hard in the face I haven't felt myself. I even had to cancel my gym session because I just wasn't feeling it. 

Dear Hubby, I am super proud of you for making your 10 jumps and earning your gold wings. I know this was a big step for you and even bigger stepping stone for your career. 

Dear Bloggy Group, I love the way you are growing. You are bringing together so many wonderful ladies in this community and helping us all grow and make new friends. 

Dear Rain, Where do I sign up for the continue rain on Fridays?  I am loving it. I wish our weather will stay like this for a long time. San Diego needs the rain so badly. I would love to see the lakes filled back up and everything turn to green. 

Dear Workouts, I am sorry I missed yesterday. I was really looking forward to it but just couldn't bring myself to it after feeling like crap. I am praying to relax this weekend and get back to ya strong on Monday.  

Dear Bruce Jenner, I watched the show with the Kardashians and I have way more respect for you. I love how open and honest you are with this journey. I love how the girls all opened up about their raw feelings  

Dear Readers, Thank you for the sweet comments this week. I am working on figuring out disqus comments so I can respond to everyone. Would anyone be interested in making Friday Letters a link-up? Also, I am still offering free sponsor on my side bar. Please submit your ad and we can work together. 

Have a great weekend ya'll! 
Happy Memorial Weekend!! 


  1. I will gladly send you some of the rain we have scheduled in Dallas this week. Not that I am complaining because we have come out of a 5 year drought however, we are now in serious flood conditions so it is all yours for a few weeks. Feel better!

  2. Happy Friday love! I hope you get to feeling better soon and I second the rain. There's something so peaceful about it!

    I hope you have the BEST Memorial Day weekend!

    Light and love,


  3. Aw feel better soon! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  4. I held off switching to Disqus for months and months. Then one day I decided to do it and everything was seamlessly installed in two minutes! I love it now, because I can reply to everyone's comments.

    Happy 3-day weekend!

  5. What a great concept! I've never come across this letter-type post before and I really enjoyed it.

  6. You can have all the rain Kansas has been having! :)

  7. Hope you feel better! There's nothing like a weekend to lift up my spirits.. We have an amazing few days of sunshine here in Virginia, which is ideal since we're going to a pool/pizza party for my niece today!
    enjoy your weekend!

  8. You are adorable - I love this post :)


    For whatever reason blogger won't let me follow you, so your posts don't show up on my feed and it makes it seems like you don't exist. BOO! And I rarely go to bloglovin, even though I should. But hopefully i can get it figured out or just remind myself to come visit you and see what you're up too. Miss You!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  10. Oh no, hope you feel better soon! And I agree with your thoughts on Bruce Jenner - what a brave soul!