Friday Letters

Dear Friday, Thank you for showing up as usual plus the rain is amazing. This week has been one intense week and I am ready to get my life back in order and situated. 

Dear Rain, Keep raining! I miss you and San Diego needs you!

Dear Readers, Thank you for stopping by this week  and leaving such sweet comments. So many though are no reply bloggers still and I couldn't write back. 

Dear anyone who prays, My family could really use all the prayers in the world. Thank you in advance. 

Dear Hubby, I love you. So happy we caught up on America Crime and got lots of cuddles in. I am excited to sleep in tomorrow. Sorry I have failed to make dinners this week - hopefully next week will be much better. 

Dear workouts, This week wasn't the best. Sorry about that. I am hoping next week is better when things settle down and hopefully prayers are answered. 

Dear Self, Just breathe. You can pray but in the end you can't control what is happening so stop stressing out and stop beating yourself up. Just remember to only try to handle the things you can change and let the other things happen. 

Thank you for the sweet comments this week. 

Hope ya'll have a great Friday and even better weekend! 


  1. Sending you some prayers. May the Lord give comfort and peace. It is not easy, but trust taht He has everything under control.

    Be blessed,
    Gema from belovedgems.org

  2. Sending hugs & prayers your way hun!!!

  3. Aw sending lots of love and prayers ♥ Loved all of your letters as well :)

  4. Sending prayers your way! So glad you're finally getting some rain out there. I know it's so needed.

  5. Love your blog its adorable! TGIF <3

  6. I love this idea for a post! I was very thankful for the rain we got here in northern California this week also.

  7. Peace be with you as you go through your daily activities. You are right to let go of the things out of our control. and you can focus on the things you can control. We've been getting lots of rain here in North Texas, but we need it. Our lake is full for the first time since I think 2006. Yippee.

  8. Oh what a beautiful Friday post - my prayers and thoughts of peace and joy are with you - letting go is so difficult and yet it is how we can move ahead -
    We had snow in Lake Arrowhead from your rain in San Diego - we all need that for sure! Hugs :)

  9. Praying for your family & it's been pretty rainy here too--but those are my favorite kind of days, when I can just cuddle up with my favorite blanket & grab one of the many books on my tbr list!