Hello April

I am so excited that March is over. It will probably go down in the record books for me as one of the hardest months in a long time. It was one of those months that nothing seem to go right and when everything went wrong, something else would happen just as the icing on the cake. 

But I am not here to live in the past because I am excited April is here and ready for a new month. There are lots of changes happening in my life and I would say most of them is for the better. 

So with the changes in my life, I want to offer up my side bar again to see changes in my blog too. I miss doing sponsors and connecting with everyone. It is 100% free to swap buttons and this includes social shout outs and the chance to do a guest post. I currently have 7 spots open still for this month. Let's celebrate April together! 


  1. I'm also happy March is gone. I'm ready for warmer weather. lol

  2. Amen sister, bring on the spring! I've got too much on the go for a swap atm but future wise we will have to chat :)))!