April Goals

I have this habit of writing out some "goals" on this page but then that is it! So this month I want to actually write out some goals that I can achieve and follow up with all of you.

+Drink 80oz of water a day 
+Save money & pay off some more debt 
+Workout 4x a week (anything at this point & 2 days is already covered by my trainer) 
+Menu plan for the entire month  
+Start & Complete the 10 day cleanse by advocare 
+Start & Read 1 book (preferably "It starts with food) 
+Get a fitbit & use it daily! I love my garmin but I need a Heart rate monitor 
+Keep up with cleaning the house // Deep clean 2 rooms 

I didn't go crazy with the goals but I think this is completely attainable. What are your goals for April? Remember to follow along on instagram to see how I am coming along with my goals for the month.   


  1. Great goals. I really need to get into drinking water too. I suck at it. Lol

  2. You should definitely get a FitBit I love mine!

  3. I love my FitBit. And 80 oz is so much! I think I just barely drink about 40 oz per day.

  4. Okay... I need to stop delaying and write some goals of my own. I am stealing the water drinking from you... I also wanted to say how awesome it is that you do a link up! I am new to blogging so it is really fun to see other peoples blogs and be able to share mine. I am breaking a rule right now technically because I don't have twitter but I am going to sign up and try to figure it out tonight! Thanks again! I subscribed and I look forward to more! -kristi

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