Monday Motivation

The best feeling is waking up on Monday the week of taxes and knowing your property taxes are paid and you are getting a refund from your taxes! Also, it doesn't hurt that I don't have to work today. Let's do this Monday thing... 

I don't watch Dancing with the Stars. I also normally don't watch too many videos on facebook because I am typically pretty busy. Yet, lately this video has been going around facebook and it intrigued me to watch it after I saw 3 of my friends repost it. 

Noah Galloway lost his leg and arm in a roadside bomb in 2005 in Iraq. This video is the story of him and the dance. This shows how he learned to accept his injuries and keep moving forward. 

Next time I want to complain that I am too tired, that I don't feel like doing it, that my weight won't come off, that I can't stop eating the crap - I am going to remember this! He pushed so hard and overcame so many obstacles just to have his life back. Now gets to dance on this show and share his story with so many others. It is such an inspiring story and amazing motivation. 

Have you seen the video?


  1. I work from home, and Monday's still suck to me! I end up cleaning and blogging on Mondays! Lol. Speaking of... I need to work out, clean, and blog! Haha! Jk- I will try to work today!

  2. I love DWTS I haven't been watching but I love Michael Sam. Sucks that he's gone.

  3. What an inspirational video! Amazing

  4. It's so easy for us to complain. But one look to our neighbors and we do see everyone faces some sort of struggle - sometimes huge ones. I love watching him dance - it's such an inspiring thing.

  5. Yes so amazing!! He's an inspiration for sure. I love dwts heheh reality TV obsessed