Never Too Late For A Weekend Recap of Garth Brooks

Prepare for picture overload

Drive 505 miles, Spend 48 hours in Sacramento, and see Garth Brooks = well worth the 7 hour drive to get there + another 7 hour drive home!

Hubby and I left friday morning at 2:30am to begin the fun adventure  

We got to my brother's house around 9:30am and immediately we went to sleep. well of course after we said hello and loved up on my favorite fur nephew

Friday night we didn't do much. My brother made us dinner and we hung out at his house watching basketball.

Saturday morning we went out to breakfast at a place called Fox and the Goose. It was super yummy. After breakfast, my brother's gf Tricia and I went to get our nails done and of course I had to get a birthday frap from Starbucks. I added 2 shots of coffee to it too


After starbucks and nails, we went to the mall to meet the boys. Apparently my brother convinced my husband to go real country so they went to go look for boots and a new shirt. The only thing we found though was an Alex & Ani bracelet for me


After the mall we went home to relax, take the fur nephew on a walk and get ready for the big night. We arrived to the parking lot and the party started.  

Hubby and I 

Tricia and I

Brother & I, do we look alike?

We headed inside around 6:15 even though the show didn't start until 7pm


The concert was amazing. Well worth the drive and weekend spent in Sac. I will say though it was no Vegas concert with him. Vegas will never be able to compare to any of this but I am so happy I got to see him again in concert.

Isn't my hubby amazingly sexy in a cowboy hat?

Sunday we got up, brother made breakfast, we packed up and started the adventure home. We left brother's house around 9am. We arrived home about 5pm and it was back to the grind of work. 

How was your weekend? Do you ever do random trips like this? 

Happy April Fool's Day! 


  1. Ok when I saw Trisha and I. First I panicked and thought TRISHA YEARwood!!!! Not that Trisha but lovely picture none the less! Looks like a great time. I am jealous!

  2. Love the bracelet! I'm a bit obsessed with nautical themes! Glad you had fun!

  3. Looks like fun! I think half my small county went when he was in Denver, but we missed it!

  4. looks like you had a fun weekend. you & hubby are too cute.

  5. Love Garth! So glad he's touring again.
    So glad to connect with you. I found you through the blog hop!

    Making Mrs. M