If you want to know one thing about me, know that I love all animals. 

Meet Grizzly: The most loveable teddy bear around. 


Chewy reached out to me knowing I have lots of animals. Just incase you ever missed it, I have 5 dog, 5 cats, a blue and gold macaw, a fish, and 2 crabs. Recently we raised 20 chickens but only 18 survived. Also, in this month I have slowly been taking all the animals in for shots and check up since we found out Bandit has thyroid problem.

I also was informed to change the dog food and treats too. This is where Chewy amazing EVO: Wild Craving comes into play. Grizzly looks real big but in reality he is super picky when it comes to his food. 

These Wild Craving treats are amazing and smell delicious for him for him to eat. Plus the shapes always make handing out treats fun.

This is my old man Junior. He is probably close to 15 years old and is going blind and deaf but it's crazy to still watch him run and play. He loves these treats.

Trigger eats anything besides organic lettuce. Once he hears the bag open for the Evo he comes running and sits. If I am not paying attention to him he'll start to shake and making noises at me.  

Of course there is princess Cali. She loves all treats and these Evo Wild Craving treats are perfect for putting her in her crate. 

This is Cali's face saying Thank you chewy for sending my mommy these yummy treats. We can't wait to eat the entire bag and get more. 

Not picture:
Bandit was outside 
Cali jumping up on me trying to eat the treats
Triggy jumping up and down to get the bag off the counter 
Griz following me around the house 
All dogs sniffing the box 

Thank you Chewy for sending these amazing products at an affordable price to take care of my fur children. They are happy and healthy and looking forward to the future. 

*Product was sent to review from Chewy: All opinions are my own


  1. oh man you have a lot of pets!!! lol

  2. Looks like your pups like treats as much as mine :)

  3. Awesome! I will need to try these for my pups!! Thanks for sharing! PS! Your pets are adorable!

  4. Awwwww da babies!!!!! I am a animal fanatic:)))
    My fur babes are life so love that Chewy sent you these. Shows they love the pups! :)
    Have to try some for Mar

  5. They are all such cute doggies!!! Our dogs are like our babies too. We love them so so much