High Five Friday

It's Friday! I am so excited to spend today with the hubby once he get's home from work. Hopefully sooner than later. This week seemed to crawl by..& i know next week isn't looking any different. 

High 5 for Friday

1. I made this yummy healthy pizza deal on a whole wheat roll up. It was so good. 

Love coming up with healthy fun recipes. 

2. Guess whose coming back to visit me? The little sister will be back for a week. Hopefully this is the LAST plane ticket we have to buy from Minnesota to Cali until she just moves to Cali. 

The best part of this, March 23 is kick off for concert season & she gets to be here with me! 

3. This just seemed so fitting in my life lately. Why chase people around who truly don't want to be in your life? 

4. I made it to the gym this week with a friend. I am so excited to get back in there & get down to business. I am hoping I can just kill it like Liz does every week. She is so motivated & determine. I can't wait to be able to fit into my older clothes that still have tags on them. What do you say that we make 2014 the year we get in the best shape of our lives?

5. My dad found this beautiful dog walking in the middle of a very busy road. When I got home & did some research - thanks to facebook - we have learned that she has been wandering around our town since Monday & no one has claimed her. 

She is beautiful & sweet.She had a collar but no chip or tag. She threw up some tinfoil which made me think she literally has been eating whatever she can find on the road. Of course I fed her, walked her, and loved up on her. The sad thing is, she would make my 7th dog if we keep her - I would love too but I know how much they LOVE to run & if she gets out again I would be so devastated. Hubby named her Cali. What to do?   

How was your week

On a side note: Finally it's raining in San Diego


  1. Awwww what a CUTE dog!! So sweet!

  2. You have SIX pups!? Whoa! And I thought my ONE boxer was a lot of work! Cali looks adorable, I will say a little prayer you find her a good forever home! And yay for the gym...I've been trying to get my ass back at it too, but I've been less then motivated...ugh! Here's to a happy weekend! xoxo

  3. That quote is beautiful and so perfect! That pizza looks yunny, go you for it being healthy! I could not resist a beautiful Husky like that one.

  4. that pizza looks SO good. yay for sister time and lady antebellum <3 and cali is super cute! keep her!

  5. Oh goodness she is a cutie, I would not be able to let her go! I can't believe you have 6 pups, everyone makes fun of me for having 2. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. She is so beautiful! I would love to find such a great looking dog to rescue...7 is a lot, though. Maybe somebody on your facebook is looking for a puppy to love.