So What Wednesday

This week I am saying So What to

+Alex will be getting his tattoo he has been wanting for years on Friday. I promise to take some pictures & my sister is trying to convince me to get one with her. 

+that I have so much work to do but instead I am reading blogs & writing this. 

+I really want some new clothes (shopping problems much?)

+Alex & I might not get our date time this weekend since it is Superbowl & the Seahawks will win.

+With that said though, I think Friday will take its place & we can run some errands as our "date"

+that I have yet to make my hair appointment that I need so badly 

What are you saying So What to?

Happy Hump Day! 



  1. Love your blog! It's so fab ♥ Mind following me via GFC and bloglovin' (p.s. i followed you!) thank youu!

  2. I am reading blogs instead too. :) I haven't cut my hair since August! Ooops. I do like my hair long though and it is finally at the perfect length. I am on a spending freeze until February 1st but I want to buy all the things!!

  3. Oh babes I am the same way, I have lots to do but Blogging takes precedent all of the time :) Also, a date night filled with errands sounds really fun to me! or am I just a dork?