What A Great Weekend!

Happy Last day of the month.

I always get excited for new months. I am hoping to really stick to some goals as the holiday season is here!

How was your thanksgiving break? Mine was good, I love spending time with family and yummy food.  

Once again, I have picture overload some are from insta and some aren't, but I figured it's better to have lots of pictures than no pictures right?

1// I need this cup in my life. Anyone know where to get it?  

2// My sister is the best! I have been eyeing these shirts on Victoria secret for a while than I waited to get them in store and my store never got them & online was sold out. 

Also, the popcorn has been impossible to find. Luckily she sent me all 3 flavors. Anyone try them yet? 

3// I did do LOTS of online shopping this past week. I got my dad's gift, a rumba and of course now costco is offering a rebate on it so I will be returning to rebuy it at the lower price. It's $50 off and I got two 32inch samsung TV's for the little one room and the guest room. 

4// Holiday's don't phase her one bit! 

5// Now that I learned to really use my wand. I love it! My hair for sure curls way better after 5 days of no washing it. 

6// Thanksgiving was spent with family and lots of yummy food! I could eat stuffing, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole for ever! 

7// We went black friday shopping friday morning. I scored some movies, tested out some headphone and got a new fitness watch. 

8// The head phones went back. I wasn't a fan of them. Luckily though I scored some purple beat by dre headphones at Target and I got my trusted skull candy regular head phones! 

9// Alex dropped my keys and now I have a  1 legged moose. Poor guy! I guess it's a reason to go back to Minnesota to visit family. 

10// Broke Santa out of his box. So far the dogs haven't tried to eat him so we'll see how this goes over the month. 

11// G was trying to help me clean... NOT! 

Another busy successful weekend. I am ready to decorate for Christmas and get in the Christmas spirit. Also, loving that San Diego is officially on board with winter weather! 


  1. I am so excited that San Diego has got in check with this chilly weather. We spent all thanksgiving weekend in 40 degree weather in Arizona and it was nice coming back to weather that was still chilly. I hope December keeps up the crisp, cool air thing. HA

    You're so brave to go shopping during black friday weekend, I won't go near the store if I don't have too, but it sounds like you got some really good deals!

    I can't wait for the new month either, I love them, and I'm also excited to get all my Christmas Decor set up. I am hoping to kick ass today and finish unpacking the boxes that are still in our living room so that tomorrow I can begin to Decorate for Christmas.

    -Ashlee Michelle

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I love all the pictures. Your hair looks so cute.

  3. Love seeing Black Friday finds! Looks like you scored some great deals. Those shirts are too cute. And I love your Thanksgiving shirt as well! And your hair is just perfectly curled! So pretty.

  4. Love the pictures! Looks like you had a very busy and wonderful weekend. Black Friday was amazing!!