Crazy Weekend of Fun

Happy Monday & Happy November!
Wow, where has this year gone? Weren't we all just chatting about New Year's goals? I know, I have failed  at them, but doesn't mean I can't start November with some good goals right?

Before I start chatting about goals, maybe come back tomorrow and we can chat about them. Let's all take a moment to appreciate that San Diego is cooling down this week! I am so excited!! While this past weekend was a hot one, I am excited about this cool down.

Thursday/Friday: I was back in the gym. I am excited to see how much I can transform in the next few months with my workouts. I am also about of this amazing Morning Warriors group that is such motivation to get up in the morning to workout! I am in need of getting back on that grind and running. Any fitbit friends out there? Want to challenge each other?

Hubby and I hung out Friday together. We had an awesome day date and trip to the mall. I finally got some new jeans & a top from Express. I also love this jacket from Ollie Marie. I got so many compliments on it and everyone asking where it was from because they haven't seen it in any stores around us. I love having unique clothes. Thank you Megan!! Also, the jeans from OMB is amazing!! I've worn them all weekend and they are super comfy and soft. They also do NOT stretch out and give you saggy butt which is my biggest pet peeve about jeans.  

We ate lunch at Bj's restaurant and had my favorite berry burst cider. 

Friday night I made my grocery list for the week. Back to MFP & macros. I have lost the weight and some from our trip to Cancun. So now it's just to keep losing and get to where I want to be. 

Saturday: I failed miserable and forgot to take a picture of us. No we didn't dress up. We did hang out at my aunt's though and hand out candy and hang out by a bonfire in the driveway. I wore my Boo ya'll shirt one more time this year. My goal is next year it'll be too big to wear. Cali girl got to destroy some tennis balls. 

Sunday: That extra hour of sleep did nothing for me. I was up at 530am wide awake letting dogs in and out of the house. So we left the house about 645 for some breakfast, car wash, and grocery shopping. 

I did mange to find some selfie sticks at Costco I sure hope they work with my iphone 6s. 

I also got a Halloween bobble head 50% off at the grocery store. 

Than it was time to meal prep, laundry and some last minute cleaning around the house. 

How was your weekend? 


  1. I love your outfit! I hate saggy butt jeans too! Do you have any tips for tracking macros/staying on it? I tried a few times but I don't really understand exactly how to do it. Happy Monday!

  2. What a fun weekend!

    I am so thankful San Diego is cooling down this week because seriously I can't handle the weather anymore, I am so over the heat. They keep saying we are supposed to have a wet, cold winter and I am praying that it happens. We need it. and I need it.

    We moved a lot of stuff this weekend to our new house which we are hoping to be in by Thanksgiving. YAY! I cannot wait because I am so over our current situation. I am just itching to move and start a new.

    -Ashlee Michelle

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