Currently // December

December is flying by. I can't believe soon we'll be in 2016. Slow down please, I want to enjoy the holidays. 

I found this link up from Kelly over at Kelly Lorene  a few months ago but I missed out on October and November. So here I am returning back to it for December. I am hoping next year I will do it each month. If you haven't been apart of it, I would totally suggest you check it out either on Jenna's Blog or Anne's Blog. 

WISHING // I am wishing for time to slow down to enjoy the holidays and for San Diego to decide to be hot or cold. I prefer cold but it won't make up it's mind. It was almost 80 degrees this week. 

REMEMBERING //  All the fun 2015 brought to me. Overall, the year was great and I am excited for 2016. Hubby & I have some big things planned for us. 

WRAPPING // More like I should be wrapping presents. I tell myself I like to wrap, but reality is I hate it. It's so time consuming and I really want to learn to make a bow to put on the boxes. 

BAKING // I need to get back to baking. I want to make some candy (home made almond roca) and hopefully some yummy cookies. 

DECORATING // I have lots to decorate. We just put our tree up so that needs to be decorated and Christmas decor needs to go up. I am excited for our new stockings too.

I am adding an extra one, 

PRAYING // Please keep San Bernardino in your prayers. It's about two hours from me, kind of hits home. 

What's going on with you this month?   


  1. What a cute idea, I may have to use this idea and participate!

    I really hope San Diego gets cold, i love when its really chilly before the sun decides to heat up! haha

    and I want to bake so badly, I keep telling myself to get in the kitchen and start baking a few things. It's my goal to bake a few pies this December.

    Happy Friday,

    -Ashlee Michelle

  2. I need to stop baking, we have the opposite problem!!

  3. I haven't done any baking yet this holiday season. I should get on that! :)

  4. I want to learn to bake this year. I suck at it!


  5. I like all of your points. I wish time would slow down a bit too, just so I can catch my breath and enjoy the holiday instead of feeling so rushed all the time.

  6. this whole year has gone by so fast. It's true what they say the older you get the quicker time flys by.:)


  7. I know - somehow December just goes by the fastest, doesn't it? Enjoy your decorating, and thanks for linking up!