Weekend Update: Teeball || New Shoes

Welcome back Monday.. Glad to see you to show up said no one ever! This time change is really messing with me and I am not a fan of the sun not coming up until I am about ready to leave for work. I guess though the extra day light will allow me to get serious about my work outs. Follow Journey Back to Jessica for more frequent updates on how I am doing.   

My weekend went way too fast as usual. I relaxed and can't say I was extremely productive but sometimes weekends like this is much needed.  

Friday night it was opening night for teeball. I can't believe we are back in baseball season. I was super tired and didn't feel well so I was in bed by 8pm and slept a solid 12 hours.  It felt amazing. If only I had some black out blinds than I might of slept longer. Next thing to buy are black out blinds. Of course my baby girl slept with me the entire time. She is the best! 

Saturday was first game of Teeball. Than E-man got to spend the night with aunt Amanda while Alex & I did us things. Things we used to do all the time and no can't do. We drove around until we figured out what to do. We went by the outlet mall, went to a running store, went out to dinner than came home and it was quiet. 

Sunday we hit up the gym. Completed day 4 & Day 8 of Jamie Eason program. I got new shoes while at the outlet and fell in love with them. I really need to get rid of some of the others. Meal prep for the week and enjoyed every last minute of Sunday. 

Over all the weekend was a success. 
How was your weekend?


  1. The time change is always rough for me too! Although now I'm SO happy I can go for a run outside after work now that it'll be still daylight out! I have a huge phobia against running at night. Haha

  2. I may be the only one who loves Daylight savings. Basically because it means Seamus wakes me up an hour later which is closer to my normal wake up time. How are you liking Jamie Eason's program? I loved it and it is what got me started really lifting.

  3. LOVE those shoes! Now those make me want to go run...right now!

  4. Love those shoes. & totally jealous of your 12 hours of sleep!