Weekend Recap: Teeball || Turkeys || Fun

How is it already Monday? These weeks are just flying by and that means tomorrow is April. Eekk - I need to step my game up to lose this weight. Anywho, with it being monday, that means I am at the preschool. Cy is back in Minnesota. Our weekend was good though. 

Friday: We spent the day working at the preschool, running errands, finishing up work at home, we managed to get a walk in where I found some turkeys that live with chickens and rabbits and watched Catching fire. I hate how it doesn't follow the book but I guess it is a movie. Overall I would say Friday night was amazing. 

Saturday: We had teeball bright & early. Than we came home to do some cleaning and hanging out. Alex & Cy had this wild idea to go skydiving and that is what they did. Meanwhile, I went to my aunt's house for dinner & drinks. 

Super soft & loved them so much I will be ordering more.

 Remember how I told you Eli pulled his tooth out... here he is with no front tooth

Sunday: Cy left back to Minnesota for 12 days until I go back to move her out to Cali. We went to costco, got the acadia washed & got ready for the week. 

Monday: Preschool || Gym || Teeball 
Tuesday: Work || Gym || Appointments 
Wednesday: Preschool || Gym 
Thursday: Work || Gym ||Start packing 
Friday: Preschool: || Gym || Clean the house 

I failed last week and only hit up the gym like 3x while cy is here so I am hoping I won't die too much now that I am adding cardio to the mix. Stay tune tomorrow for a post about my first phase of Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer program. 

Happy Monday