Weekend Recap: Post With Lack Of Pictures

I am here to confess and epic blog fail.. I didn't take pictures every second of this weekend to show what I did. Please accept my apology for this weekend. 

Friday:  I can honestly say we didn't do much. I worked during the day. Finally caught up on ALL my work that needed to get done before the weekend started. 

My babies are best friends. Yes that is Cali and Trigger laying together and Simba on top of the pillows. I am so happy that Cali is returning to normal and should have her stitches out this Friday which means she will be ready to play with the others at the doggy day camp when I board her. 

Saturday: The hubby had to work all day so it was just E-man & me. He had his teeball pictures which he just happens to have lost his front tooth this week. [The tooth fairy forgot to come Thursday night for him so she magically appeared Friday morning while he was getting dressed to give him $1.52] & than later in the day we had a game. Otherwise I just hung out at home, got some cleaning done, and watched lifetime movies. I know, don't get too jealous! 

Sunday: This was the day of all days. We hit the gym right after breakfast. I officially completed day 15 of Jamie Eason Live Fit program. Hopefully soon I can do a post before I get to far and forget. You can follow along in my journey on my page. After the gym, we hit up GNC which marks the 3rd time I have gone to get the cookies n cream quest bar and no luck! Anyone want to mail me one? I will love you forever!! I really want to try it before I order a whole box from Quest. Than it was off to Costco, where we spent $400 on things we needed. Thankfully this only happens once every 6-7 months so it was okay. Once home, I was talking to E-man about the chicken house we saw and he said he wanted it. So insert Costco trip #2 to buy it + catching fire + tortillas.  

Over all the weekend was great. I am happy to have my dog back to normal. Happy to start week 3 of the program. 

Coming this week:
Today: Work || Gym || Teeball game
Tuesday: Work || Gym || appointments 
Wednesday: Work || Gym || maybe dinner date with the hubs? 
Thursday: Work || Gym || probably bed early
Friday: Work || Gym || Clean || get excited 
Saturday: Sister will be here to visit! 

Ps. Happy St. Patty's Day! Sadly, I will not be taking part in green beer because this girl is trying to build her summer body in the weeks we have left to build it. 


  1. Costco is just as bad as Target for me. I never go because I want to buy all the things! Were you able to notice the missing tooth in his photos? And yay for what's ahead! Lots of gym!!

  2. I am a little jealous about the lifetime movies. They get me every time! Glad Cali is feeling better.