Happy Hump Day

It's Hump Day! Another edition of So What..

So What ... 

-I have yet to post anything good lately with awesome pictures 
-That I am extremely excited to hit up bed bath & beyond today 
- That I am going to my sister's school meeting with her to make sure it's the right choice 
- That I am taking a week off soon to move my sister to Cali to live with me forever 
-that I have almost completed phase 1 of Jamie Eason live Fit Trainer program and I have yet to blog about it, but you can follow along on my fb page
-That I have yet to answer comments from Friday - so so sorry. The end of the months are extremely stressful for me. I promise to answer them all 
- That I am in need of rearranging the room now that the new bed set showed up. 
-that I have so much clothes that I am really thinking about getting rid lots of it. Platos closet here I come 
- That my best friend is moving on from Bebe which means I will save money from shopping 
- That I already planned another vacation for the hubby & I in December
-That I have fallen off tracking my food but I really need to get back to it
-that I am actually excited for next week to start cardio in this program 
-that is all I have for you today 


  1. Bed Bath and Beyond is addicting. A December vacation sounds perfect! Yeah for cardio.

  2. I need to get back on the cardio train and keeping track of my food as well. And that picture is hilarious. Have a great day Jessica:)