Most Boring Post Ever

Once again I am the most epic failed blogger. I did not take pictures besides one of my new bed.That is here nor there. I promise to start getting better with this whole thing. 

My weekend was okay. It went extremely fast for once and I think it was because I didn't spend anytime at home really. 

Friday: I got off work 15 minutes early to go pick up a Reese's cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory for sister's boyfriend 21st birthday. I raced home & than I sat around my house all day waiting on Jerome's. If you follow me on twitter than maybe you saw my rant about how much I was very unhappy with them. After waiting all day, comes to find out that my new bed set was back at the warehouse and wasn't getting delivered like they promised. I am thinking the truck driver was scared of the dogs. After waiting around all day, I ended up canceling the order because no one was being helpful and I was just getting mad because of their lack of communication. 

Saturday: I got an email saying they made a special route to deliver my bed because of their mess up even after I had canceled my order. See why I say they lack communication. Eli had teeball, my sister's flight was delayed and we had plans to go to my aunt's house for dinner & drinks. 

That night we finally got the bed though. I love it. It is super tall so I have to get a running start and the mattress is to die for. I don't think I have ever slept that hard in my life. 

Sunday: We ran around getting hubby everything he needed for work Monday than it was off to the Lady A concert. 

Monday: Work all day & the gym. 

Here we are on Tuesday and working away again.

Tuesday: Work || Gym 
Wednesday: Work || Gym|| Teeball Game 
Thursday: Work || Gym 
Friday: Work || Gym  


  1. Glad the bed finally got delivered even with all the craziness!

  2. Aww, how was Lady A? Dave is my good college buddy's brother & I've been wanting to see them for years & years, but never have!