Reasons I Decided Today Would Be a Good Day

ps. she looks like she hasn't been brushed her but I promise she has been groomed since this picture

Today is the day. My baby girl Cali is going to get her woman hood taken from her! 

Reasons why I decided to get her fixed

-Have you ever smelt a dog in heat? They smell so bad. 

-I have all male dogs ever (she's my first female) & I am not sure I can deal with the blood everywhere 

-Our friends female dog bleed through her bed and wasn't a fan of the diaper, this is NOT okay with me. 

-If we did decide to breed her I would need to get her DNA test to make sure she was 100% husky 

-On that note: the vet she went to Friday doesn't think she is 100% 

-Let's say we had puppies, I would be that crazy fur mama asking people where they live? What do they do during the day? What are their plans with the puppy? Do they know what husky's like to do? Any wrong answers would lead me to many more puppies at my house because I don't want to just give them to anyone.

-I fall in love with puppies so easy it would be hard to place them in homes and let them go 

-if you fix your female dog while she is in heat it cost twice as much as just waiting until after heat (I don't even want to deal with one heat cycle) 

-the biggest reason I am fixing her: When she goes to boarding next month she gets to play in the day camp with all the other dogs. 

If you find time today, please say a little prayer for her that her fixing goes well and she heals quickly. This is a first for me to have female dog so I am hoping it's just as easy as the males. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. My hubs and I had a really awesome friend living with us for a while. He bred his bulldog while he lived there. They're monthly times are so gross, she smelled yucky and needed a bath every day. Plus it lasts for a really long time! She had puppies and it was so hard to have 5 dogs in the house. Taking them all out to pee and poo when they got old enough was seriously an hour long chore. Walks... ridiculous. However, I still cried when they all were sold away.

  2. Keeping Cali in my thoughts all goes smoothly. I had a female Husky and a female Black Lab and both were spayed. I don't think I could deal with giving away the puppies either.