So What Wednesday - Randoms

This week I am saying So What If...

I am not really sure what to write about so I am going to throw together some randoms for ya. 

  • My poor baby girl was home yesterday for not even 30 mins and was throwing up. we had to wash the dog bed, clean the floors and make sure she was laying down. Later she crawled under my bed and didn't move until this morning where it all repeated again. She has yet to eat and the pain pills I got her she wants nothing to do with it. 
  • Meanwhile when she was under my bed, you bet I was laying on the floor for a good hour loving on her. I felt much better after the kisses. 
  • Yesterday was day 10 of the Jamie Eason program. I have yet to lose any weight but I am loving lifting and hoping to start the weight loss soon. Two more weeks until i add some cardio to the mix. BRING IT ON! I am hoping to start blogging about it soon but I am making sure I am sticking with the program first
  • I am thinking of changing today and tomorrow out because hubby is super sick and I am super tired that it might be best to just do day 11 tomorrow instead of half assing it today. 
  • My dream is to start running sometime soon. I want to be able to run a mile again than I will go from there. Maybe even get one of those nike plus watches
  • I am only working the preschool 2 days a week now. I am loving it! Thank you Jesus I don't have to be there so often
  • My baby sister will be here a week from Saturday... BRING IT!! I can't wait to have her here than two weeks later she is moving with me. 
There you have it. Some randoms for this hump day. 


  1. I hope to start ramping up my runs outside! It's just wayyy too cold to run more than a few miles :(. Spring is well overdue!!!

  2. i can't wait till the weather gets nice enough to run outside! Keep me updated on Cali.

  3. you're such a good momma. hope she feels better soon! if you do decide you wanna gym it today, i'll be there around 6:30-ish!

  4. I'm thinking about taking the plunge (once again) and start running as well! Hopefully this time it sticks!

  5. It is much better to take the day off rather than half assing it. I promise you. Get some rest and tend to hubby. Love you babes.

  6. Your poor little fur baby :( Hope you whole house starts feeling better soon !

  7. Running is one of my goals to do this year! I have yet to get off my butt to do it-I keep blaming it on this long and dreadful winter we have had-but I am going to do it one way or another. My goal is to be running a mile by the end of the year.