Friday Letters are Back

Dear Friday, Thank you for coming to give me a much needed break. Dear Weekend, please don't fly by like you normally do. I would love it if you took your time. Dear Time Change, I am not a fan of you. This whole I am going to lose an hour of sleep is not okay because I got things to do and this now means I will be awake at 330am instead of 430am. Dear Waking up early, I secretly love you. It gives me time to get things done but at the same time why do I always seem like I am rushing when it is time to go? Dear Alex, I am hoping we have a fun weekend. Glad to see you are feeling better and I couldn't be more thankful for you going to the gym with me. Bring on week 2! I love you. Dear Cali, I sure hope you don't hate me when I board you. It is for your own safety and the safety of the family so I don't ninja kick them for you getting out. I know you will have a blast. Today we are going to take a tour of it to see how you are with being there and praying you get to play in the day camp. Dear Workout, I am extremely sore but I am excited to see what happens in the next few weeks. I am hoping to start losing some weight and fitting back into my clothes. Dear Work, I am so happy I only worked 2 days this week at the preschool as it is giving me the time to catch up on the other work and reducing stress. Dear Cynthia, You will be here in a short 15 days for a week. Another short 34 days and we will be starting our adventure across country together to move you to California. I can't wait. My dream of my little sister living with me is finally becoming true.  


  1. So cute! Hope Cali likes the boarder so he can run and play. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!