So What Wednesday

I am bringing you another edition of So What Wednesday on this beautiful Hump Day!  

So What...

  • I thought today was Thursday or Friday just to find out it truly is hump day. Way to go hump day to ruin the fun at 5am. 
  • I am finally using my facebook fan pages more & I can't seem to get any followers. Go figure right? I guess its better than not using them & having tons of people on there. 
  • I finally did a side by side of my progress since March 5 & you can see the difference even though I have yet to lose any weight 
  • My Cali girl won't get her stitches removed until Monday afternoon - who wants to make bets that she'll have them out before than? 
  • My sister flies in Saturday morning & I am recruiting her boyfriend to pick her up so I don't have to waste the gas 
  • That I pretty much have the rest of the year planned out with vacations - BRING IT ON! 
  • that I am not really sure where this post is going so therefore have a great Wednesday! 
Just because we all love to laugh

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  1. Nothing worse than thinking it's Friday on a Wednesday. Yeah for your sister coming in to town!