Just Wanted To Say Welcome

Since I have gained a lot of new readers I thought it would be perfect to reintroduce myself and to say hello to all of you. 

Welcome to Wifesticated. 

I am the brains behind this operation and some call me Jessica. That man up there calls me wifey. I call him Alex or hubby. We are a Navy family.

I am 24 years old and we have been together almost 4 years  (May 31st) and married for a year and half. I fail at recapping it but I promise I will get to finishing it.  

We live on a dirt road in San Diego. 

I am a step mom to a 6 year old name Eli. Sometimes you will see me talk about him but for the most part I try to leave him out of it. He does say some funny things though and we do lots of sports and fun things. Currently we are in baseball season and he is sporting #10 on the Blue Jays.

I am a fur mama to six dogs, five cats, a fish, and a bird. Eli takes care of the crabs. In my opinion the crabs are the worst pet possible. They are so boring and you never know if they are alive or not. Next time, we will get a tortoise. 

I am a preschool teacher by day and a medical biller by night. My dream would be to raise a few more rugrats and work from home for some type of HR company. I am undecided on getting a masters program or not. 

I am a sister to the best little ever who is moving in with me April 7. We are driving across country together from Minnesota to California so stick around to find out how that trip goes. 

I am addicted to shopping, Starbucks, Dr. pepper, green tea, ice cream, Land Sharks, reality tv, a good nap, and a good adventure.

Lately I am into the gym and getting my life back in shape.

I love meeting new friends so don't be shy. 

I say grab a drink and hang out a bit.  

Thanks for coming by..Happy Thursday!   


  1. Happy Thursday. i think that sums you up perfectly!

  2. Sometimes these kind of posts are my favorite. I love learning things that I should probably already know but have forgot lol Hope you have a great weekend!!

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