High Five For Friday

Wow I couldn't be more thankful today is Friday.. 
I got lots of work to do & lots of things happening around me. Happy Friday! 

High Five For Friday

1. My mom uses facebook & it cracks me up. Some of her post are adorable & she's so supportive. It's weird to think almost a year or so ago she couldn't even use a smart phone & now she has an iPhone & a touch screen laptop. Go Mama! I love her.  

2. I read this & instantly thought how judgmental people are. The funny thing is that everyone sins eventually in their life as no one is perfect so why judge them? 

3. Tuesday night while hubby was in class both of the puppies were cuddling with me. Cali on one side & Trigger on the other. My world is complete with them & the hubby! 

4. This is going to be my motivation to get my booty into gear. I have about 7 months to lose this weight & get bikini ready! Think I can do it? I know have a puppy I am going to need to run so I feel like running will be in my future. 

5. Love good mail days. I finally got my new journal to track everything I need to in my life (food/plans/ & random notes) & this awesome license plate frame for Rafiki. Next time we drive her & uncover her she will get it on.  

My week went & I can't say it was amazing but it went & I am glad it is the weekend. We are very busy this weekend & a big shout to the hubby. He is turn 24 tomorrow! Happy Birthday Hubby. I love you. 

How was your week?? 


Joy said...

Happy Birthday to your MR!! And my mom recently got FB, too. And I remember when she couldn't figure out her iPhone... my how the times have changed. Happy Friday, and thanks for linking up! Y'all have a great weekend!

Amanda* said...

People are SO judgmental. yesterday I was tweeting about the Biggest Loser winner being judged because now she is "too skinny". GIVE ME A BREAK! Happy Friday, lady!!!

Em said...

Girl, 7 months?! You got this! I only have 3 months left until I'll be honeymooning in Barbados and these abs need to shape up!!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

My Dad got FB and he literally calls me all the time trying to troubleshoot for him. it is too funny. Puppy cuddles are the best way to spend any day! Happy Birthday to the mister!

Hilary said...

My mom is still trying to respond to people on FB by posting on her own wall... lol.