Weekend Fun: Shakes || Baby Showers || New Tanks

I can't believe we are in the last week of February.. Where is the time going this year
Cynthia will be visiting me in less than 30 days, my husband is gone this week, my floors still aren't done, the new software at work is a pain in the @$$, i haven't lost any weight and I officially can say I am in over my head. help anyone? 

I am slightly over sleeping on the living room floor with all the dogs and cats. I want my own bathroom back and kinda upset Daytona was rained out. Over all though my week flew by as usual with no sleep. 

Friday: I spent the day working and the hubby brought me home a yummy shamrock shake. (bad for diet but so yummy for your tummy) I honestly can't remember what we did but I can grantee you it wasn't anytime special. 

Saturday: I spent the day getting ready for my cousin's baby shower. He is having a boy & naming him Tyler John. The baby shower was wonderful. Hubby worked all day. I spent the afternoon at my aunts & than off to dinner with the hubby and aunt & uncle before he left for the week. 

Sunday: I saw 3:15 am to take hubby to the airport to go on his adventure this week. Prayers are welcomed as I can't say what he's doing but know he is chasing his dreams and I am praying for nothing but the best for him & this week. I know if he gets this he will love it even though I know it is a HUGE life style change. I finally got my toilet back in my bathroom and should have the green light to move back into my room today. (praying) 

They obviously don't care where I am suppose to sleep & who ever said putting your bed in the living room is like camping is full of crap. I am over it. Lastly, Finally I wore one of my new tanks which a coupon code will be coming your way in the future. I am working with Danielle now to figure it all out and details of it all. If you don't want to wait you can head over to her site now & order a tank at a great price.  

How was your weekend? 


  1. I love your blog

  2. Praying for your hubby!! And oh my gosh...Shamrock shakes are back?! Hmmm do those cals count if I run and have one at the same time? Haha

  3. Stay strong. Hope everything gets finished soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for the hubby to come back with great news.