Thank Goodness For Fridays

Thank goodness for Friday ... I have missed blogging and the last two weeks have been nothing short of crazy & sadly I think this coming week will be just as tolerable (I should be moving back into rooms this coming week). Nothing to crazy happened to report...the only thing is I am working on my eating & getting back to using my fitnesspal 

Monday was a day off & we spent it doing errands and getting things done. Than back home to trying to survive my crazy house with 7 dogs, 5 cats and 4 people living here. How do I survive each day without a drink in hand? Oh ya because I will be on a cruise ship again in 239 days! 

Back to my week, did you see Kailyn is doing a March Mug Swap? I love coffee mugs & I can't wait to find out my partner. If you haven't signed up yet, you still have time (sign ups end February 28)

I have a secret obsession with lion king - probably my all time favorite movie EVER

Tuesday was work all day as usual with little ones & I found out my DVR hasn't been recording teen mom 2 which means I might be watching it online here shortly.  

Wednesday was another day of going to appointments & work from home. We have a new software & honestly I have no idea how to use it. Let's hope I figure it out sooner than later. 

Thursday, can you guess? Work with the littles. It wasn't that bad considering I wasn't playing teacher - I was an aide thankfully. Than home to do some work & off to Costco, target & finally got the best chicken soup when you're sick! 

I did get some mail presents though. I ordered these workout tanks from Blessons Apparel (you might of saw on instagram) & I am 100% in love. I can't wait to wear them to workout & do a blog post. I have my eye on some others as well. Which is your favorite from the shop?

Friday will be full of work again & hopefully running by the feed store because we can celebrate that Cali is officially mine forever! We have waited 22 days (law by California when you find a stray pet) & now I can chip her & call her Cali & she shall be mine. (1000 points whoever can name that movie)

(yes my bed is in the living room now)

See what I mean by Thankful it's Friday. 

How was your week? 


  1. GIRL?!!??!!??! 7 dogs, 5 cats, and 4 people. How do you survive! I mean I know you have another cruise coming (lucky pants) but still, wowzers.

    You have to catch up on Teen Mom 2. It's so good. So you know Jeanelle and Nathan live in Myrtle Beach now. Well, you know I go there constantly. On this weeks episode, they were in my favorite ice cream shoppe and my friend was scooping them ice-cream. Next time I am there, I am going to have to ask him what he thought about her. Haha!

    And I am going to that website now to buy a workout tank top. They are gorgeous and reasonably priced.

    Love you girl!

  2. You have had a lot going on. Hope you spend some time this weekend relaxing. So happy you can finally call Cali yours!

  3. mmmmm that my mug at work :) I know you're jelly!


  4. OMG that mug!!! Also, I am so loving those workout tanks too! "Bend & Snatch" hahha too awesome.

  5. You know I live vicariously through you and your cruises, right? :-)

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