Weekend Recap: Valentine's day || Pedicures || & More

Another week has past us & I still do not have any floors. Have no idea what I am talking about.. check here to read all about it! The tile man said by Friday for sure, but than again he said that last week too. 

Today is President's day which means NO work but lots of errands and getting things ready for the week. We're not here to talk about my week as how awesome my weekend was even with everything going on. 

Friday: Valentine's day
I took the day off from working at home because I was sick. I had a slight fever of 99.4 but I couldn't get rid of my headache and I knew I just needed sleep for the first time in forever. 

Hubby did manage to bring me some pretty flowers, card, chocolates & a Minnesota Vikings bracelet to support Wounded warriors. 

Than we all went to go get pedicures. It was much needed & amazing. 
I made crock pot cheeseburger meatloaf for dinner & becuase I wasn't feeling well I was in bed by 8:30pm. 

Saturday was a day of cleaning what I could & cooking lots of food. We decided on steak dinner for Valentine's day but because we were busy & not feeling so hot we waited. So happy we did because it was yummy. I even got coconut oil to saute my veggies in now, How did I ever live before?
Saturday night we watched About Time. It was a good movie. 

Sunday we spent the day at home picking up, doing laundry, & getting ready for the week. I made this pasta yummyiness and we randomly decided to go see Endless Love. I must admit it probably is my new favorite love movie.

Weekend was amazing over all. Love spending time with the family at home & just because she is so dang cute.. Cali thinks she is Trigger sleeping on the chair.  

How was your weekend?


  1. sounds like you had a good weekend. I had a relaxing weekend. Stayed home with my boys.

  2. Love your pedicure!! The flowers are so pretty! Crock pot cheeseburger meatloaf sounds amazing!

  3. I absolutely love the name of your blog, so cute and creative. Also, the last picture of your dog is priceless. Adorable!

    Eat Drink & Be Mary

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