We Got a Puppy!!!

How was everyone's cinco de drinko? 
Mine was great. 
Celebrated as usual. 
Tacos. Beers & family. 
Not to forget to mention, one of my good friend's baby shower. 

Now though, if you follow me on instagram or have been reading on here
you know we got a puppy!! 

Bloggy world meet Trigger - Trigger Meet bloggy world! 
He is half rott/half dobi 
He is 20 weeks old {this week} 

Now you may ask, how did you get a puppy when you already had 4 dogs?
A has been feeling left out sorta (i want to say) since all my animals have been here before we got together. So he kinda adopted dogs, cats, and a bird when we got together. The only animal we got since being together was our Fish Rex & if you remember floppy we had to find him a new home though. 
Well a few weeks ago, A told me he was going to get a puppy. I just told him to tell dad because he is  NOT someone to just spring things on. Apparently he called & he said ok (yet he was still a bit upset) but how can you stay mad that face for long? 

The guy apparently got him to help his beagle lose weight, well the beagle was NOT a fan of the puppy & he was going to take him to the pound THAT day. So what does A do? He brings him home as he thinks we run our own pound. He always knows that once I see a puppy I won't let him go to the pound. 
I am one of those that would adopt all the animals if they didn't make it so difficult to adopt an animal. Stupid pound. 

So that is how we got trigger. Our puppy. He is a handful but so very loving. 

A & Trigger. 

Look at that sweet face!!! 
I love him. 

I am almost positive their will be many stories of trigger to come. 

Happy Monday.


  1. super cute! i wish i had a bigger yard, i would have a million adopted pets hanging around:)

  2. Ahhh, this makes me want to get another puppy!!!!! We have ONE dog and 1 fish... I want another animal in our house. !!!! Ahhh!

  3. shut up! oh Trigger ... i love you already. i can not wait to see pictures of you every {other} day. oh who are we kidding, it better be every day!! Love.

  4. So Trigger is the cutest and he looks like he could give some pretty good kisses.