Saying See You Later...

It is one of the hardest things to do for me...
how about you?
I hate it..I even hate it more when its a bond with an animal. 
They can't speak but know a way into your heart. deep down in there & it never leaves
You might remember, a few weeks ago my brother came down from Sacramento & brought my fur-nephew Indy
I always knew that after these weeks he would be heading back home with him..
That time has come & I am just not ready for him to leave... 

Look at that sweet sweet face. How do you say no to that?
I didn't. I pretty much spoiled him like any aunt would do.
He got rib bones, snacks, treats, lots of loving, car rides and even toys. 
I am going to miss...
The howling and growling in his sleep
the hard hit of his tail when he gets excited to see you
the running up to me at the gate looking like he smiles
car rides with a dog the size of a horse in my little jetta 
the kisses
the love he shared with me. 
&& so much much more.

Please come back & sleep on the bed ANYTIME you want.. 
sooner than later...

or you can sleep on your own bed that you are just too big for but I love it just because you are inside with me. 

the hardest part... I am not sure who is going to miss you more...
me or
that buddy of yours...Trigger
  Who will get in trouble with him while he chews on everything..who will he chase around the yard..or play tug a war with..who will sleep with him in the dog house 
what dog will share a bowl of dog food with him and even a bone? Run up n down the grove & all over the road... you two made a bond.. 

I love you as more than just my fur-nephew but as my own. I always will & will always want you here. I know I gotta do what is right & that is to allow you to go home, but PLEASE come back & visit me for my wedding for a long period of time. It will make my wedding that much sweeter for me {as selfish as that sounds} 
stay a puppy forever

See ya later boy.... 


  1. Awweee that was sweet. I understand completely how that feels. I hope he comes back to you soon!


  2. That's so sweet! Animals definitely make their ways into hearts. I'm sure he'll be back soon!

  3. Aw! I'm sorry you miss your nephew! I hope you see him soon!!