Family is growing

A little background. I live on 4 acres of orange trees in Southern California. Yes there is property out here. 
We have 5 dogs, 6 cats, a Blue n gold macaw, and a fish. On top of all the rabbits and gophers and who knows what else lives in the wild out here. 

Mr. Alex on the other hand. Born and raised in North Carolina in the cities. Near Charlotte to be exact. He was never able to have animals yet he LOVED them He loves the idea of having a bunch of farm animals and just adores my kitties (since he does know I think they are my children) He did have a cat as a child but that was as far as his animal training has gone

Well this leads me to yesterday. I was working (since I work at home) and Alex comes home from work and goes I might need to barrow $50 and I am not telling you why. I am like why in the world do you need to barrow money and knowing we are trying to save money for the wedding and etc. Finally I convince him to break down to tell me why.. he wants a GOAT yes a goat. I am not sure how he getting this goat home, or what he even thinks he will be doing with this goat & where this goat will be living because the 5 dogs roam the yard and they are NOT small. (two akitas, one husky, one lab/mix and a dog we call a pig but the vet says is part yellow lab). I am thinking of everything on why he should NOT get this goat. than I automatically think OK in three days he will be over this goat idea just like has over the Zonkey idea. The monkey Idea. the turtle idea. You name it, I am sure Alex has tried to find a way to buy it. 


Alex now has the goat owner on the phone and saying he will be there in 5 minutes to pick the goat up! I am thinking what in the world. my house has turned into a petting zoo. Him & my cousin go get the goat (since my cousin owns the truck) & bring Floppy (goat's name) home. Floppy was in need of a new home (& she was giving him away for free). His old owners husband was dying from diabetes and the wife was moving into a smaller home and could no longer care for Floppy. The grandchildren could not keep the goat either even though the little boy thought floppy was HIS goat.That is where Alex comes in to rescue poor floppy! It has not even been 24 hours yet with floppy at our house but he has a NEW home. LETS HOPE HE SURVIVES WITH THE DOGS!

Please meet the newest edition to our family.

There is floppy & Grizzly in the front yard

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